Disruption Day - Your Chance to Think the Unthinkable

Date: 20th November 2014

Disruption Day will be back and will build on 2013 in the form of a ‘latest forecast’, but the fundamentals remain the same – the world is changing and fast. Disruption Day(formerly 4 Minute Warning) provides delegates with a chance to park their prejudices, shelf their short term imperatives and imagine how their business may look after it has changed beyond all recognition.

We will start planning this event soon but until then below will give you a flavour for some of the topics we have covered to date

The following the themes we are looked at in 2013 .

Wearable & Embedded Technology
Sustainable Cities
Collaborative Consumption
3D Printing
Tech Start Ups
Personal Data
Content: Creation, distribution and measurement

This event is for business thinkers, shapers and doers who are involved in understanding, creating, planning and implementing business tactics and are willing to look at different ways of doing so.

We are currently working on this event so if you would like to get involved or suggest some topics you would like to see on the agenda please contact anne-marie.sheedy@thedrum.com or call 020 3432 4674.

For all general enquiries please contact Darshana.dave@thedrum.com or call 02037408403


United Kingdom