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"Cats have always run the Internet" - JinglePunks CEO on why agency's Meow Mix is so popular

On the day that the internet's most popular cat, Grumpy Cat, will debut her first movie on... Read more


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  • Last point #apprenticefinal: why everyone so harsh on tights packaging? Climb Online branding was horrific? That be redesigned straight away
  • So #apprentice isn't really a show about business? Wow! Next you'll tell me #thexfactor isn't a show about talent. But I'm not so gullible!
  • Dear @Lord_Sugar - I have some old rope to sell. Would you like to buy it? I'll figure out an insane way of costing it too. #apprenticefinal
  • Looking forward to seeing how Climb Online solves its own marketing issue - is a real climbing biz #apprenticefinal
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