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Hatchet job or fair comment? The Economist decries ‘second class’ Birmingham

It is not "we're too close to London" that is the problem but the "we're too close to the rest of the West Midlands". Localism and poor transportation are key to many of the problems of this region.

We're moving from industrial to service industries and we need to get people from the suburbs and in to the city centre. The region hasn't committed itself to any new infrastructure projects since the Midland Metro tram line opened in 1999. Let's stick with the tram. Manchester has built 5 lines to their Metrolink with two currently under construction. Nottingham Express Transit opened on 2004 and is about to start construction of two new lines. Birmingham, a small extension of a few hundred metres in the city centre. Buses are poor as the road infrastructure in on its knees in peak hours. Rail only serves a small amount of the population. Birmingham is falling behind - we're not going to attract business until HS2 is completed at that is 15 or more years away. If we can't attract businesses or commuters in to the centre then as a region we are doomed. The major decision makers in the region have sat on infrastructure plans for too long and they should be held accountable for the high rates of unemployment and the poor prosperity of the city and the West Midlands region.

13 Nov 2012 - 13:07