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ASDA Christmas advert described as ‘sexist drivel’ on Twitter

ASDA Christmas advert described as ‘sexist drivel’ on Twitter

As a working mother who also runs a business, this ad moved me to tears - for all the right reasons. It demonstrated a deep understanding of its target audience - ME - and did so with empathy and emotion. Just what good advertising should do. It's interesting to see that in my office, all the people who've criticised it are not mothers - I hate to play the 'old and experienced' card but you have to be a mother to realise that this scenario is extremely accurate ... and believe me, I'm no push over on the domestic front.

As I cajole my partner to put up the fairy lights, I have often questioned why I put myself under so much pressure to create the perfect Christmas each year. The fact of the matter is - cover your ears - men and women are wired differently. Women are the drivers behind experiential and emotional events like Christmas. Without us, these experiences would wither on the vine. I for one don't want that to happen and neither do my children.

I am not a martyr. I choose to put myself under the pressure each year because the reward is tangible. Throwing a great party takes effort but it's worthwhile. It's just the same with Christmas. For me, the hard work is worth it a million times over when I see my family having a fantastic time. These childhood memories help shape our futures. It is my duty to ensure my children's have as happy a time and bank of memories as possible. W B Yates nailed it, Tread softly because you tread on my dreams.

Well done, Asda. I, for one, will be shopping with you this year.

8 Nov 2012 - 18:13