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A letter to clients - formerly the most important people in advertising

Utter rubbish! Most clients can't look past the end of their nose! They think because they ultimately pay the bill that they can turn their hand to being a creative and over ruling their agency. If you want to do that, fine, just hire yourself a freelancer with a Mac and crack on. If you want something new, exciting and inventive that your competitors haven't even thought of, work with your agency. Sure, challenge them from time to time to ensure that their reasoning is sound but use their market knowledge, not just in your market but in others too as many mistakes of the past may be avoided.

With the ever expanding media channels becoming available to the masses, originality and cutting edge design is the catalyst to breaking through the noise and making yourself heard. Coupled with an exciting offering and a strong call to action, you can't really go wrong as long as your media is well placed to the right audience. An agency will deliver this far better and succinctly than any marketing dept. We speak to customers (honestly) without plying them with free gifts to get the answer we want, but to truly understand what they need and don't need. We believe that less is more and that the retention of an existing customer is easier than winning new ones.

So keep your brand fresh, new and exciting by listening to your agency and working with them instead of against them and you will find that they only have the customer at heart and therefore, you at heart.

20 Nov 2012 - 14:58