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One more time; Roses for Rangers Tax blog and raspberries for Roy Greenslade

ams - thanks for the reply!

The amount of time I spend reading newspapers would suggest otherwise. Can't say I spend any time reading the Scottish football press though.

You've made a lot of assumptions regarding my motivation for having an opinion, and I'm sure me saying I am a weakly affiliated fan of Dundee United who has no blogging pretensions or journalistic ambitions will fail to disabuse you of those assumptions. But there it is.

Meanwhile, I find your comparison of RTC v The Guardian partially valid. Bearing in mind RTC covers a Scottish sport story, with a wee bit of tax chucked in, a valid comparison would be to The Guardian's coverage of Scottish football and Scottish business, would it not?

Anyway - what's to stop some Scottish sports journalists from leaning a bit about the tax area specifically to cover the Rangers affair? If that is beyond them, how about asking for a bit of help from the business section at their respective newspaper?

If your argument is that "because it's difficult to cover, we won't bother, no matter how interesting or important it is", then I truly despair. That's not your argument, is it, despite appearances?

5 Jan 2012 - 15:15

One more time; Roses for Rangers Tax blog and raspberries for Roy Greenslade

Regarding Awards for Rangers Tax Case - I notice that the Scottish Press Awards have done away with the New Media award that James Doleman's SheridanTrial blog was nominated for last year.

So no avenue for RTC to be nominated. I'd be interested to note how RTC's site traffic compares with the Scottish Press's web traffic. And how many of those present at the Press Awards have perused the Rangers Tax Case Site as opposed to the nominations for "Website/Digital Product of the Year".

And as to ams's limp "Why any sports journalist should be expected to understand complex tax law is a ludicrous hypothesis" - this shows just how limited the Scottish Press have become.

5 Jan 2012 - 13:16