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PaddyPower unveils new ad: Chav Tranquilizer

PaddyPower unveils new ad: Chav Tranquilizer

genius! got any spare guns? I need to go to the local offie later and this would clear the way!

24 Feb 2012 - 16:26
Creative team put their brains up for sale on eBay

Creative team put their brains up for sale on eBay

I think the comments are kind of constructive...however not put over in a constructive manner, which doesn't help. Nicho has a good point - thinking outside the box is dull, however there are other ways of saying it. Adtroll has a point too - If you're selling yourself as good as you can don't for one build your site on some crummy free service, have some pride and get some proper hosting/coding sorted, and if you dont know how to do it - there's plenty of friends/folk out there that can. Pay hard cash (mates rates), skills swap or beer (my favourite).

I actually love the concept of the site and the brains angle...just the art direction and execution isn't exciting enough. But that's just my 2p...

23 Feb 2012 - 08:23
Innocent marketing campaign aims to get kids into gardening with free seed packs

Innocent marketing campaign aims to get kids into gardening with free seed packs

They were suggesting that kids used the packaging to plant seeds around 4 years ago on their website. Was a nice idea then and nice to see them backing it up and rolling it out by actually supplying the seeds to get things growing...excuse the pun.

23 Feb 2012 - 08:12
Creative team put their brains up for sale on eBay

Creative team put their brains up for sale on eBay

babeb14041 <-- where the fuck am I...bebo?

22 Feb 2012 - 15:19

Is the High Street beyond saving?

To me the world has moved on, yet the majorities of high streets haven't.

With the exception of certain parts of big cities most high streets still model themselves around the olden days of everyone being happily married, the man goes out to work whilst during the day the woman runs the errands and visits the local shops etc. They open at 9 and are closed for 5. That just doesn't cut the mustard anymore. Peoples professional lives are simply just not 9 to 5. Long hours, shift patterns and social lives now take preference over if our meat comes from the local butcher or from a big supermarket.

From a personal level I catch the bus into work - i'm at the stop at half seven where the only local shops open are a tesco metro and a co-operative. And upon returning home the same shops (apart from the added smells from the takeaways and bright lights of the bookies) are again the only places open.

Can't we take any inspiration from the continent where they have a midday siesta and then are open til later in the evening. I'd love to be able to ge toff my bus and pop to the butchers, green grocers then nip straight home to rustle it up. Also I'd like to take a look at local councils and how much ground rent they charge to places - seems to me that some would rather have a dead town centre with paid for parking, rather than cheap ground rent and free parking.

I think there are many factors as to why the high streets are suffering, the main one to me would be that it just isnt easy anymore. Why take the effort to dive out at lunchtime or leave work early, find a parking space, then fumble for change and maybe pay more for my groceries/clothing etc... when i could just drive to the big supermarket open 24 hours a day and get everything we need.

Us humans are fickle creatures and are generally loyal to what ever makes living our lives easier, and at the moment the current high street is not doing this. So in answer to your original question. No i believe it's not beyond saving...but unless massive changes are put into action they might as well turn round the closed signs for good.

Does any of this mad rambling i've just said make sense? does anyone care? I'm off for a Big Mac.

21 Feb 2012 - 13:49