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"I’ve heard so many people say ‘everything in art has been done,’ which is bollocks" – an interview with adman turned artist Julian Hanford

The people who’ve always interested me most in the advertising industry are the ones who have a...

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  • Some lovely stuff in there, Lawrence! And a very nice premise. Well done!
  • I'm hoping to see the cutting a car in half with an axe event added to the next Olympics: I might even give it a go.
  • RT @IABserbia: "If you make stuff that people love, your focus is on the audience, and that is where it should be", Dave Birss, The Drum #D…
  • RT @IABserbia: "Bad ad is when the client is all about 'me, me, me'. Good ad is about the audience." - Dave Birss. #DigitalDay
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