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The Drum asks creatives: Is that Christmas Asda campaign really sexist?

I shop at Asda, thought I'd get that out of the way first. Since being separated from the mother of my daughter, my daughter has spent many Christmases with me, which I worked hard at to make special. Now I have a new partner and a step daughter. Who does all of the food shopping (all of the time)? Me. Who does all of the Christmas cooking and most of the gift buying? Me. I am sure that in many instances, mum is behind a great Christmas. But to state "Behind EVERY great Christmas, there's mum' is not only factually incorrect, it's insulting to single-dad families, gay male couples with children, families who may have lost a mother, and also families where the father is actually the one who does most of the work at Christmas! I am not one to be over sensitive about 'PC' issues as such, but this ad really really wound me up!

8 Nov 2012 - 16:28