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News - Entertainment

BBC invites Doctor Who fans to pilot the Tardis in YouTube takeover

Ahead of the new series of Doctor Who starting on Saturday 23 August, the BBC has taken over... Read more

Channel 4 CEO warns not to neglect creative risk or underestimate the importance of data in MacTaggart Lecture

"A TV channel without a data strategy is like a submarine without sonar," warned... Read more

Local 'news' stories of the week: Woman fixes vacuum cleaner, man buys pies, dog rides bus

BREAKING NEWS: A man bought 23 pies, a woman finally fixed her vacuum cleaner after a year long... Read more

Dirty Bird designer claims phallic logo is ‘unintentional’ following complaints

Dirty Bird, a festival and events food van, has claimed that the phallic look of its logo is an... Read more

BBC Three launches interactive episode for drama Our World War as the channel prepares for online-only move

BBC Three has announced its first interactive episode, High Wood, as part of new drama series Our... Read more


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