Manchester supplement (June 2013)

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England's Second City - and some first class creativity
Sponsored by Weber Shandwick, this supplement will focus on the city's marketing industries. We explore the perennial pull of the city and speak to those operating at its heart - in the advertising, design, digital and PR sectors - to establish just what makes Manchester a viable destination for global brands. It covers the following:


Self-belief and confidence are the order of the day as Manchester’s advertising industry continues to punch above its weight on the international stage.


The combination of knockout creative talent and personable, warm people helps makes Manchester design a winning formula for clients the world over.


Dubbed the original modern city, Manchester is at the forefront of the digital revolution, with the city’s agencies incubators for ideas, opportunities and collaboration.

There’s a sense of rejuvenation about Manchester’s PR scene as agencies get their spark back and show a new creative energy.


A cross-section of Manchester agencies provide their opinion on what the city has to offer.

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