Wickedweb work experience - our Wicked week, by Krupa and Chrystal

This week, we've been lucky enough to have two fantastic students from Townley Grammar visit Wickedweb on work experience placements. Here's how they got on...

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Orion Support Services appoints Wickedweb as their full service agency

We’re pleased to announce that waste management company, Orion Support Services, has appointed Wickedweb as their full service digital marketing agency.

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Windows 8 - Changing the ways we interact with our PC

Windows 8 was a big and brave step for Microsoft.

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Read all about it...Our wagamama website makeover features in this month's .NET magazine.

This month, our wagamama design and build project features in the world’s best-selling magazine for web designers and developers, .NET magazine.

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Interactive Maps: There's more to maps than meets the eye...

I’ve noticed recently that interactive maps have become increasingly popular; quite a few of my projects have required an informative and detailed map, so I thought this would be the perfect opportunity to share my findings with you.

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Raise money for charity with Thistle Hotels and Lite@Nite

Help raise money for vulnerable children across the country by visiting the website we’ve recently launched for Thistle Hotels as part of their new fundraising project, Lite@Nite.

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Multi-Mania Conference - Round-up

Rarely do we go beyond the White Cliffs of Dover to visit conferences/training events, but on this occasion we did! Multi-Mania is a free Belgian conference done almost entirely in English; in a league that isn't far off the mega-sized technology conferences which California plays host to.

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Mozilla teams up with Unreal

So, the folks over at Mozilla have recently managed to port Unreal Engine 3 to run with WebGL. Over a million lines of code have been converted from C++ to JavaScript in just four days, with a LLVM to JavaScript compiler called Emscripten.

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Wickedweb goes international - Our Lithuanian office is now open!

We arrived at Stansted late on Sunday 21st April, relaxed from the weekend and enthusiastic about our trip. Making our way into the departure lounge, a few of us had a bite to eat and a drink to calm our nerves before the flight ahead (not me, I’m well hard and like flying).

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State of the Browser 3 - Conference round-up

Last month was non-stop with plenty of interesting talks and conferences to attend but this has undoubtedly been one my favourite so far this year. State of the Browser (SOTB) is an annual one-day conference focusing on the web browser from both design and development perspectives.

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