About VCG Catapult

Graphic design, illustration, artwork, production, print, digital and campaign management for Retail, B2B, Professional Servicesand FMCG – need some of this, for any of these? Then please read on...

Who we are? VCG Catapult is an integrated design and production agency with experience in delivering inspired, imaginative and effective marketing communications, withexpertise in both the Retail and Professional Services sectors.

What we do? Our team blends a strong creative pedigree with a heritage in design and implementation so our clients getdesign that not only looks great, but clearly understands that it has a job to do. As well as creating the visual and verbal language we advise our clients on the best way to get their message ‘out there’ ensuring they get the most from their data and that none of their budget is wasted. The Catapult team give our clients all the administrative and technical expertise that they need to ensure every campaign hits its objectives and returns on their investment.

How we help? VCG’s experience working with some of the most successful companies in the world means we really understand what it takes to make a good brand great – from the everyday through to the premium. More than simply ‘production’, we look to genuinely add value to our clients businesses at every opportunity – from driving customer response to delivering more efficient process management. Always with a keen eye on the commercials.

In a nutshell, we offer everything you need for your brand communications, from your brand positioning to creative execution including creative (the ideas), design (the execution of ideas) and everything in between. Digital, print, account management, digital photography, illustration, retouching, proofing and much more.

Latest News

VCG Catapult has been highly rated by its clients on the RAR register....

VCG Catapult has been highly rated by its clients and is now on the Recommended Agency Register until July 2014

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VCG Catapult helped deliver the exciting GrowthAccelerator project scheme.....

How VCG Catapult helped the GrowthAccelerator team achieve their business objectives?

The GrowthAccelerator team invited us to deliver a large amount of collateral in a very short space of time, and we were only too happy to help.

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