About The School of Life

We are a global organisation with a mission to help people lead more fulfilled lives. Through our consumer brand, in a variety of formats, our work has touched the lives of millions.

​Why We Partner With Businesses

Consumers are increasingly cynical about businesses who are expert at producing things that we want, but fail to offer products that we really need in order to live well.  

It is no longer enough just to produce goods or communications that tease consumers with the fantasy of a more fulfilled life.

To secure a longer term commercial advantage, businesses must create products, services and content that help people truly to lead more fulfilled lives.

This is where we can help.

​Who We Are

We are a unique team of psychologists, philosophers, artists, designers, poets, sociologists and anthropologists.

We are as much at home discussing Socrates and Plato as we are discussing Strategy and PR.

Free of the jargon and prejudices of typical MBAs, we bring a highly distinctive perspective on the problems of business.

No other agency offers the breadth and depth of thinking that you will find through working with us.

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