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Stein IAS is a global branding and integrated marketing agency that believes "business-to-business as usual" can no longer carry the day. It takes a new and different kind of agency: intensely creative, strategically driven, technology powered and with an evolved approach to B2B in order to drive and sustain results nationally and globally.

By joining together Stein + Partners Brand Activation, the acclaimed New York-based agency with 25+ years of B2B marketing leadership, and IAS b2b Marketing, which has been at the forefront of the European business-to-business sector since 1973, Stein IAS is now a major player on the global stage.

With five offices, spanning three continents and employing over 100 B2B marketing specialists in planning, creative, digital, PR, social, mobile and content disciplines, Stein IAS enables the world's B2B brands to navigate even the most complex buyer journeys.

Leveraging our very own B2B world history and technology, we have developed Mi 3. To our extensive industry knowledge, it is the only sequential, integrated process for the specialism of global B2B marketing in its entirety. It highlights the purpose of your brand like no other tool on the planet, develops creative solutions unique to your business and creates a measurable contact strategy for your stakeholders. In short, Stein IAS can offer originality, visibility and accountability hitherto impossible. Not content with this, we’re also pioneering the B2B cloud. This gives our clients access to cutting edge marketing technology without heavy investment in systems and software.

Stein + Partners Brand Activation and IAS b2b Marketing,consecutively BMAagencies of the year in 2010 and 2011, have united to focus on and fight for what’s most important to global B2B marketers. Now they stand together as Stein IAS, the agency has been named BMA 2013 Agency of the Year for third time.

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