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Jaba: How Crowd supported a new social app enabling consumers to rate anything

Project Clients: Jaba

Here at Crowd we live and breathe innovation. We constantly watch the industry and jump on any new trends which come through. With a team of digital enthusiasts it’s no surprise that when we heard of new app Jaba breaking through the market, we were very excited.

Jaba is a social media app that allows you to rate anything. Innovative thinker, Paul Nery spotted a gap in the market with the over-saturation of ‘Fake News’ controlling what people saw on the likes of Facebook and Twitter leading to decreases in user trust, and the clogging up of ‘rubbish’ on people’s feeds. That is where Jaba comes in…

The app breaks the norm by offering a platform for its users to curate and rate whatever they want. Whether you’re an expert in Cryptocurrencies, a die-hard Chelsea FC fan or a Harry Potter enthusiast; the app allows you to talk about whatever it is you’re passionate about. This rating system will allow users to have their voices heard and curate clear ratings on what matters to them. 

Crowd were honoured when asked to work on Jaba, and we are very excited to see how the public reacts to this new project. Crowd are no strangers to working with apps, we worked on the very successful Touch Surgery on their launch and are proud to be a part of their journey so far. Crowd will help Jaba with their social media, paid promotion, videography, community management and app/play store optimisation, all of which will be crucial contributors to the overall success of the app.

Apps cost a lot to develop, and no matter how good the concept is they die without effective marketing. With a plethora of experience across many industries, Crowd are confident that the launch of Jaba will be a huge success. If you have the next Uber in your pocket and are looking for a team dedicated to providing quality creative work then get in touch and let’s talk.

We have some big news on the horizon with 2 new app promotion contracts on the way, make sure to check in to our blog to stay up-to-date with these developments.