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BP Goes Racing - Quick Fire F1 Challenge - Collective London

Nico Hülkenberg answers as many questions as he can before the 2017 Renault Sport Formula1 team car completes a lap!
Nico Hülenberg plays Bop It!

BP Goes Racing - Quick Fire F1 Challenge

Project Clients: BP

Why we did it -

The brief was simple – you’ve an hour with F1 driver Nico Hülkenberg. Get some engaging social content. 

What we did -

Nico operates at the highest performance levels. So rather than going down the typical Q&A route, we proposed a different spin: ask Nico as many rapid-fire questions as we can in the time it takes an F1 car to drive the Barcelona circuit (around 1 minute 20 seconds). Lots of insight, lots of fun… the Quick Fire F1 Challenge was born.

As that took so little time, we were able to do something else too – The F1 Skill Challenges. As an F1 driver, Nico has exceptional hand-eye coordination and reactions. They just happen to be utilised on something most of us will never do – driving an F1 car. So what if we test his skills on in ways we’re more familiar with – playing classic quick-fire skill games? Think Bop-it and the ruler reaction test. He set his best scores and we challenged our social audience to beat them.
In total 6 pieces of content – all created in an hour, and repeated with his team mate Jolyon Palmer a few weeks later.

The content is only just starting to be utilised and, despite no paid support, is delivering real cut through on the BP Facebook page