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Currys PC World Encourages Young Users to Foster Their Passions in Facebook and Instagram Campaign


Electrical retailer Currys PC World worked with Adaptly and media agency Blue 449 to run a consideration campaign, “Get Started,” across various digital channels and platforms including Facebook and Instagram. The brand wanted to reach a younger target audience and showcase how tech products can help this demographic find and develop their passions.

Specifically, Currys PC World wanted to inspire and drive consideration for the laptop product category, using influential vloggers who offered insight and inspiration relating to four specific interests: photography, fitness, fashion, and travel. The brand also aimed to offer an expert opinion through the use of thought-leadership style article content at a later stage in the campaign.


Together with Adaptly and Blue 449, the brand opted to run a series of Video and Link ads across Instagram and Facebook. Over the course of the campaign, the team developed a sophisticated use of formats, content, targeting and initiatives to drive relevance and engagement.

The client identified four focus areas which were turned into “passion points” – photography, fitness, fashion, and travel – and opted to work with various influencers to create content inspired by each of these different interests. Based on this, Blue 449 and Adaptly collaborated to provide a strategic approach and formatting recommendations while building out targeting strands with the aim of maximising performance and generating the best possible learnings throughout the campaign.

Audiences were first split out according to the four passion points and within each category, users were additionally broken down into buckets based on behaviours, keyword interests, and partner categories. The extensive learnings generated throughout the campaign also enabled Adaptly to build out extensive retargeting strands based on the original audiences.

The result was a multi-facetted targeting campaign, utilising different passion points per targeting segment which were then overlaid with various formats and re-targeting elements.


The campaign delivered incredibly strong results throughout, with video ad CPV coming in three times lower than Adaptly benchmarks. Similarly, the article content link ads drove an impressive average CPLC, the lowest one measuring 54% below target. Overall CTRs also came in 0.37% stronger than benchmarks.

In addition, the team was able to gather significant insights during the course of the campaign, which can be used to inform future strategies for the client. For example, analysis showed that younger audiences preferred video content versus older demographics who engaged more with the articles.

Finally, as a result of the success from the campaign, Currys PC World have been able to consecutively launch two more ‘Get Started’ campaigns.

Currys PC World: Case Study - Encourages Young Users to Foster Their Passions in Facebook and Instagram Campaign

Project Clients: Currys PC World

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