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Cruise - Dynamic Display Banners

Project Clients: Cruise


Display advertising was an under-exploited channel and we wanted to prove its ability to deliver cost-efficient leads. Originally, the client wanted one-size-fits-all creatives – hence the initial need to shift their perspective in order to utilise dynamic creatives for both prospecting and retargeting.



Phase One

We designed creatives that were specific to the various destinations and cruise packages on site. A dynamic format enabled us to run with 19 variations as opposed to just 2, which allowed us to optimise to the best CTR. We also ensured our creatives clicked through to bespoke landing pages, which in turn improved conversion rate and user experience, leading to additional conversions and increased performance.

Phase Two - Optimising the Creative

Once we identified which messages and images were resonating with the target audience, we were able to create our best performing concept. Essentially optimising our creative with behaviour data. 

For example - Japan, 0.32% CTR – 152% increase. 



There was a 62% increase in CTR and a 55% decrease in CPL after we switched from standard ads to dynamic ads. After we optimised our dynamic ads we saw a further 152% increase in CTR. In total this campaign produced 1,148 new leads.