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KFC Brings Gamers and Grimers Together in First-Ever Facebook Live Ad


In late 2016, fast food chain KFC worked with Adaptly and media agency Blue 449 to become the first ever UK brand to put paid support behind Facebook Live activity. The brand wanted to re-build an emotional connection with a younger target audience and build a natural connection with elements of Millennial-facing pop culture. The Facebook Live campaign sought to emotionally engage consumers and strengthen the brand’s position in the increasingly competitive UK QSR market.


KFC worked with Blue 449 and Adaptly to get whitelisted for the Facebook Live beta. The livestream covered an event where a mash-up of professional gamers and grime artists battled each other in PlayStation games while consuming KFC products.

The campaign started with a promoted photo post, optimised towards unique reach, in order to build excitement and encourage tune-in to the livestream. This was followed by a countdown placeholder ad, posted 30 minutes before the livestream, further increasing users’ appetites and reminding them about the event. Because it isn’t possible to schedule a Facebook Live promotion, the team had to manually put paid support behind the livestream immediately after it started, optimising towards unique reach, in order to get in front of as many people as possible over the 2.5-hour period. The campaign was concluded with a promoted highlights video one week after the livestream, featuring best bits and special moments from the event.

Working closely with KFC, Adaptly and Blue 449 developed four targeting strands: Gaming Interests; Grime/Music Interests; Competitor Interests; and existing KFC Fans. As the campaign unfolded, the team opted to retarget users who interacted with the first teaser post, and also build out Lookalikes of people who engaged with the actual livestream.


The campaign generated significant attention and coverage in UK media, as the first ever Facebook Live activity to be run in the UK market. Promoted livestreams are generally more expensive to run than other forms of Facebook video ads, and CPV for this part of the campaign came in two thirds higher than the non-live figures. In total, promoted videos generated over 523,000 views and the teaser photo post amassed over 2.5 million impressions. The campaign went on to achieve the highest level of organic reach ever for a KFC video, with the live stream reaching 2.7 million people. 87% of KFC’s target audience had seen the campaign in less than five days.

KFC: Case Study - Brings Gamers and Grimers Together in First-Ever Facebook Live Ad

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