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KFC Trolls the Internet with Innovative Facebook Video Campaign


In February 2017, fast food restaurant chain KFC worked with Adaptly and media agency Blue 449 to launch an innovative Facebook ad campaign that successfully trolled the internet while parodying healthy-living bloggers and their followers. In reality, the prank “clean-eating” campaign aimed to launch another, much more KFC-like, menu item, and was based on an alleged consumer fatigue around the current clean eating trend and its dominance amongst influencers and on social media.

KFC was looking to solve a lack of emotional connection with its target audience, while launching the new and seasonally-available Dirty Louisiana burger in the UK market and boosting sales. The campaign aimed at reaching as many unique users as possible at the lowest possible frequency.


The campaign kicked off with a ten-second teaser video that announced the forthcoming launch of a new "clean-eating burger” consisting of a chia seeded cauliflower bun, ice cube relish and spiralised chicken breast. The product was purportedly created in collaboration with influencer “Figgy Poppleton-Rice” – a self-proclaimed "clean-eating fanatic” and “cauliflower connoisseur”.

The big reveal came a couple of days later, delivered through a longer form two-minute Facebook video ad featuring Poppleton-Rice showing fans how to prepare the nutritious burger. However, the alleged blogger is interrupted towards the end by a sign crashing down combined with a Southern voiceover stating: "Nothing satisfies like the Dirty Louisiana. It’s finger-licking good."

Adaptly and Blue 449 used Facebook native data to target existing fans of the KFC Facebook page, and utilised competitor interests and keywords as well as third-party data partner categories relating to fast food in order to engage the brand’s core audience. The team also opted to negatively target healthy lifestyle keywords such as “raw veganism”, “organic food”, “superfoods”, and “clean-eating” to make sure the campaign was targeted only to appropriate users. Adaptly’s media experts retargeted audiences who had watched the first video with sequential messaging leading up to the campaign finale. The team rigorously tracked performance of ads in real-time, ultimately optimising towards best-performing audiences and further boosting results.


During the course of the campaign, ads reached close to 7.1 million people but due to it going viral, organic reach figures came to an impressive 22.7 million. The grand finale video, featuring the real menu item announcement, garnered a total of 4.8 million views, 16,000 shares, and 53,000 comments. The campaign came in at a CPV 50% below the brand’s 2016 average. It beat CPCV goals by 76% and the view rate of 26% was 109% better than the average 2016 figure. The Dirty Louisiana burger sold out entirely before the campaign had ended and as a result, the team was able to discontinue activity earlier than planned, decreasing total campaign spend.

KFC: Case Study - Trolls the Internet with Innovative Facebook Video Campaign

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