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Orchard Thieves - Proving the Bold are Rewarded


Tough start

Until recently, one big player, with a whopping 80% share, has dominated the Irish Cider Category. Orchard Thieves was a brand new cider that wanted to change this. 

Game Plan

Crafted to appeal to a vibrant, urban audience, who seek out new experiences and adventures, the brand idea that fuelled our campaign was to reward those who boldly pursued enjoyment. We launched Orchard Thieves with the simple mantra, BE BOLD.

The very thing your mammy always told you not to be! 

Being Bold

Before our official launch, we did something that no other brand had ever done before. We thieved other people’s ads. The Orchard Thieves fox literally disrupted actual broadcasted ads for Meteor Mobile and Hailo.

We then released our own TV ad, and encouraged the audience to be bold too by allowing them to thieve pints from the ad through our mobile site, But the thieving didn’t stop there; we also encouraged our audience to steal props from our commercial. As the props were successfully pinched, they disappeared from our broadcasted commercial.