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NATS presents a purposeful brand with a powerful new visual identity designed by The Tea - The Team

NATS presents a purposeful brand with a powerful new visual identity designed by The Tea

Project Clients: NATS

The Team has created a new visual identity for NATS, the UK’s leading provider of air traffic control services, handling 2.4 million flights and 250 million passengers in UK airspace.

Air travel is for many people a regular part of life. Managing the process surrounding it is far from simple. Making sure flights are safe during take-off, in flight and landing is just one of the many responsibilities of NATS.

In the spring of 2016 The Team was charged with redefining the brand for NATS. The agency’s responsibility was twofold, firstly to help determine the organisational positioning and purpose for NATS and secondly to define a powerful and unifying comprehensive brand and identity to serve the new NATS purpose of Advancing Aviation, Keeping the Skies Safe.

The new brand identity presents a distinctive and distinguishable face for NATS, an integrated platform with a new Flightmark logo and colour and graphic design system that reflects precision and accuracy, transparency and a human connection.

Kevin MacKenzie, brand strategist and Managing Director at The Team said: “Air traffic control for commercial flights in the UK started in the 1920s, and NATS has been operating as a Public-Private  Partnership since 1998. The new identity draws influence from the past that connects and sets a pathway that represents the focus NATS have on the future. The refreshed identity will help NATS along the way, echoing the new purpose of the organisation, its values and brand clarity.”

David Recchia, Executive Creative Director at The Team said: “Advancing Aviation, Keeping the Skies Safe is a very clear purpose for NATS. Though seeing the complexity and precision of their work is imperceptible to the naked eye, we set out to make the invisible, visible and bring this to life through the refreshed brand identity. Long exposure photography enabled us to illuminate what NATS does every day. Revealing the invisible ‘highways in the sky’. This inspired the thread which runs through the identity, from logo, photography, graphics and even iconography. We created a design system inspired by the world within which NATS operates and tells the NATS story in an inspiring and engaging way.”

Jonathan Palk, Head of Marketing Communications and Brand at NATS said:

“It’s important for a brand to stay up to date and it was time to review ours to ensure it both mapped to our strategy and to ensure it represented us correctly. Our refreshed brand is more user friendly in a print environment and is also more suitable for use in digital channels – which was not the first consideration when we launched our previous brand seven years ago. From start to finish The Team pursued perfection to develop a brand and identity system that would accurately reflect the basis of our culture, our actions and our purpose”.