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SellCar and Distinction worked together to create a redesigned website and bespoke admin system.

SellCar's redesigned website features a much clearer user journey.

A Redesigned Platform for SellCar

Project Clients: SellCar

SellCar are one of the most well-known companies in the vehicle purchasing sector, with a reputation for excellent customer service. 

The project

SellCar's existing website was functional but the design was outdated, not reflecting the forward-thinking and ambitious nature of the company. We worked with SellCar to rebrand from 'SellCar UK' to 'SellCar', as well as acquire a new domain for their site and create a new logo and style guide. The result was a refreshed brand with compelling copy. The site was also developed to be responsive, meaning that it works perfectly across all devices , allowing SellCar to remain competitive in a fast-paced industry and cater to the 50% of traffic to the site coming from mobile.

The project began with a discovery phase with workshops with key stakeholders. After this came an iterative design process where we worked with SellCar to wireframe and prototype pages for the site. The site uses Kentico EMS, which means that SellCar can make use of powerful marketing functionality, such as A/B testing and marketing automation. We also used our technical expertise to create a bespoke administration system for SellCar which works perfectly with Kentico, which allows them to digitally manage all of their deals. 

Redesigning SellCar's site was just one of many exciting projects that we have worked on with this client - others have included extensive SEO work and creation of a portal specifically for car dealers.

Visit the website

You can read more about this project on our website, https://distinction.co.uk/work/sellcar, or view the outcome of this project at: https://sellcar.co.uk/