How we increased revenue on a last-click basis by 20% for Rajapack through Shopping activity - Greenlight

How we increased revenue on a last-click basis by 20% for Rajapack through Shopping activity

Project Clients: Rajapack


Rajapack, part of the RAJA Group, is one of the biggest packaging suppliers in Europe, offering supplies, equipment and facilities management across Europe. As its digital agency, we wanted to test how to drive more sales from paid search by leveraging the weekend and out of hours demand, a time during which Rajapack would traditionally reduce or even pause its paid activity.


To that end, our goals for Rajapack were to:

  • Optimise its Shopping activity to drive sales at weekends and during out of hours times on weekdays
  • Understand if running activity at the weekends would impact overall account sales through supporting other campaigns and channels
  • Improve ROAS on a last-click and data-driven attribution basis


As a B2B business, Rajapack’s sales had seemingly been occurring during operating hours, therefore its digital marketing activity had typically been reduced or paused at weekends. Lack of revenue and low ROI on a last-click basis for generic paid search and Shopping had historically suggested this was the correct way to manage its activity.

While looking for new opportunities and ways to drive incremental sales, we decided to look at weekend Shopping activity using a data-driven attribution model to understand assisted conversions to other channels. We used a DoubleClick bid strategy to facilitate the management of this; whilst the target was set at ‘last click’, we chose to measure data-driven attribution (DDA) revenue to measure efficiency. 


Overall, this approach delivered strong results:

  • When Shopping activity was activated on weekends, we saw a low ROAS of 61% on a last-click basis
  • When looking at a data-driven model, this increased ROAS by a further 65%, meaning we achieved 101% ROAS, with weekdays showing a 19% increase compared to a last-click model
  • Data-driven revenue increased by 84% when running on weekends
  • We drove incremental revenue up by 8% on a last-click basis, and by 14% when considering a data-driven attribution model (not taking into consideration cross-device uplift)
  • Turning on Shopping activity during out of hours periods on weekdays resulted in a 20% revenue increase on a last-click basis