The Drum (for agencies)

"Let's Get Ugly" - The Drum (for agencies)

Let's Get Ugly - Propel Electrolyte Water ft. Jessie J

"Let's Get Ugly"

Project Clients: Propel

This is mono's third year working with the brand. This year's campaign is a rally cry for a fragmented fitness community––it's a celebration of the extreme effort that goes into every workout. Whether it’s yoga and dance or boxing and spinning, today’s fitness culture is about building and using your inner strength to push yourself further and conquer the sweatiest, most challenging workouts––the “ugly” workouts.

The inspiration: For people passionate about fitness, working out is often the best part of their day. So why does the category always look so moody and serious and joyless? Giving the old school U.G.L.Y. cheerleader chant as inspiration, mono and Propel tapped fitness lover and Grammy nominated artist Jessie J to create a fun, catchy, original Propel workout anthem. mono then paired her song with bright, colorful, surprising visuals, creating a surreal fitness world where really getting after it looks just as beautiful as it feels.