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iD Mobile Beats Awareness Goals with Facebook Ads in First-Ever Brand Campaign


iD Mobile is a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), owned by Carphone Warehouse. The brand eliminates the frustrations caused by traditional mobile contracts, offering 4G pay-as-you-go monthly- as well as 30-day rolling SIM-only solutions.

To launch iD Mobile as an MVNO provider, media agency Blue449 and Adaptly developed a mobile-first Facebook strategy aimed at driving awareness of the brand’s offering by celebrating its key message of individuality. The main objective was to drive maximum awareness amongst iD Mobile’s core audience.


The #DoYourOwnThing campaign was created to launch the iD Mobile brand into the consciousness of young British consumers, finding a balance between creatively disrupting the native look and feel of Facebook whilst positioning the brand message and ethos of control, flexibility, and ease. It showcased – and per extension connected with – independent people who steer away from a one-size-fits-all approach.

Through extensive research, Blue 449 and iD Mobile uncovered the main causes of mobile contract frustration and used Adaptly’s technology and expertise to identify an appropriate target audience on Facebook, based on these findings. The customer profile, described as ‘Young Independents’, resulted in the team building out three core Facebook audiences of young, urban consumers utilising Acxiom Partner Categories, native competitor interest targeting, and finally video retargeting, in order to build frequency and add a sequential element to creative delivery.

Blue 449 and Adaptly worked with the brand to produce a strategy that utilised a series of documentary-style video and photo ads to scale large reach, frequency, video views, and engagement across the campaign. To communicate the brand’s key message, the team opted to run a series of short aggressive reach bursts, to drive reach and impact, combined with longer sustained flighted activity, driving frequency and ad recall, to deliver on the key objective. Photo posts were used to supplement the video activity, further driving home the brand message and boosting engagement. This element piggybacked on the video retargeting audience to build additional frequency.


Over the course of the period, the ads reached a total of 8.9 million people, representing 134% of the original estimate. Within the first week alone, the campaign achieved 46% of the eventual total reach, largely due to a strategically front-weighted budget. Overall, the campaign delivered 21.9 million video views, surpassing view targets by 114% at an average frequency of 7.6 unique impressions per user, firmly planting iD Mobile in the minds of their audience.

Transitioning from video posts to video link posts mid-campaign drove a significant uplift in traffic to iD Mobile’s website, while having no meaningful impact on CPV. Blue 449 and Adaptly also incorporated A/B testing of video content with and without subtitles, with results confirming that subtitled content led to greater user engagement. Videos featuring subtitles drove longer user engagement than videos without– averaging CPCVs that were 10% lower as a result of higher Completed View rates of 2.6% vs. 2.5%. Subsequently, the team optimised delivery based on these findings, further boosting overall campaign results.                                                                                                       

iD Mobile: Case Study - Beats Awareness Goals with Facebook Video Ads

Project Clients: iD Mobile

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