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Garmin Winter Training Campaign


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Garmin Winter Training Campaign


About the client: Garmin

Garmin is an international technology company, with major operations in Switzerland and the United States, focused on delivering premium and superior level GPS technology through a variety of products and associated services. The company designs, manufactures and markets Global Positioning System navigation devices, communication and sonar products and is most readily recognised for the specialist GPS products used in automotive, aviation, marine, outdoor and sport activities – recently focussing on wearable technology. Garmin has been widely involved with sports, including English Premier League Football club sponsorship and the set-up of the Garmin-Sharp cycling team, now team Cannondale-Garmin.

Make Studio worked with Garmin for a period of five years, three of which as Garmin’s full-service EMEA creative agency partner. Prior to this engagement, Garmin communications were focused on the US market and the brand’s tone of voice did not work within European markets and local market cultural nuances. Make Studio’s campaign and microsite work has been translated into 16 languages to specifically reach EMEA audiences. Make Studio was initially tasked with marketing Garmin’s fitness and outdoor products and extending into automotive products until 2014. 

Garmin Winter Training campaign: The objective

The Winter Training Campaign was co-created with the Garmin marketing team with the aim of establishing a campaign to resonate with EMEA territories and cultures. The idea needed to encompass the functionality of a cycling based product and its ability to measure personal statistics and improvements in performance alongside GPS based functionality and the possibility of ‘racing’ against Garmin software in a virtual environment. The Garmin team also wanted to create a social media based community of product users who ‘talk’ about the product and its use.

The solution

Make Studio’s campaign solution for the project, “Today’s record is tomorrow’s motivation” was centred on a film shoot in Timmelsjoch in Austria with Garmin cycle team rider, Christophe Le Mével.

The concept revolves around the Edge 800 cycling GPS product and Garmin’s software, Virtual Partner™, which is designed to enable users to turn training sessions into virtual matchups by creating a training partner for Garmin users to ‘race’ against. This enables users race previous personal bests or challenge any activities uploaded to Garmin Connect™.

In the film, Le Mével rides against his virtual training partner, which is seen as a ‘ghost’ cycling up the mountain ahead of him. Le Mével strains to reach key performance while the ghost rides with ease up the mountain. The campaign encourages users to ‘train with Christophe Le Mével this winter with pre-planned training activities available for download at’.

Infographics provide the annotated information the Edge 800 is monitoring: GPS location positioning, altitude/elevation, distance, average speed, temperature, target training times verses actual time and personal user key statistics: heart rates, pedal rates, energy burn/use and calories burned.

Tangible results

– Winter Training campaign “Today’s record is tomorrow’s motivation”, is made into 1 website with 12 translations

– 150,000 immediate site visits

– Winter Training campaign “Today’s record is tomorrow’s motivation”, 4 films in 4 languages

– More than 600,000 views in three months (more than 1 million YouTube visits to date)

– Print advertisements throughout Europe

– 60,000 training plans downloaded

– 3,000 email sign-ups

– First quarter results after launch: Up 10% in Units, 20% in Sales, 9% Average Selling Price