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Taking a Gamble on Bold Design

Project Clients: Castle Bingo

Castle Bingo, home to the biggest bingo jackpot in the world, wanted to improve their online presence and tasked our award-winning web design team with the challenge of overhauling their existing site, and with creating a new online gaming site.

Both sites needed to be uniform in appearance and usability, to maintain brand consistency. Their existing site was dated, clunky and difficult to navigate – the opposite of what a website should be. Beauty may be in the eye of the beholder, but when it comes to websites, they’re judged by their users, not by the website owners or creators.

Our team’s goal was to make the experience a pleasurable, smooth and exciting one, devoid of confusing navigation or clunky copy chunks. Instead we focused on sleek, smooth design, compelling photography and clear calls to action. Creating a website is a collaborative process, and we liaised with the client at every step of the way, ensuring they were happy with the direction in which we were progressing. Which they were. 

From immersing ourselves in the brand at the moodboard stage we could gauge the client’s visual proclivities, and moved on into wireframing and photography. The client’s ambitions for the brand were quickly realised through our bold and beautiful approach.

Both sites now have the same look and feel, reinforcing the brand identity, maintaining brand consistency and ensuring that users of one site are instantly aware of how to use the other.

The new online gaming site encourages customer interaction by pushing users to sign-up to Castle’s new third party gaming platform. The primary site has a prominent ‘Play Online’ link in the navigation of every page, as well as a clear call to action on the homepage, linking through to the new online gaming space.

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