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Currys PC World Drives Cost Efficiencies Using Facebook DPA


In order to capitalise on the Black Friday sales peak and keep a strong momentum over the Christmas period, electrical retailer Currys PC World worked with agency Blue449 and Adaptly to run a series of Dynamic Product Ads on Facebook. The key objective was to drive cost-effective ROI over this prime period in the annual retail calendar.


Adaptly worked with the client and Blue449 to set up Dynamic Product Ads (DPA), testing key product categories over the course of the campaign and optimising towards conversions. The Dynamic Product Ad format is a form of digital catalogue, updated automatically so that it accurately reflects the names, prices, and stock levels of items available on a website.

Adaptly helped develop these catalogues, segmenting content into seven separate product sets – Vision, Computing, Imaging, Audio, Small Kitchen Appliances, Medium Domestic Appliances and Mixed. This breakdown allowed the team to quickly identify best-performing product types and reallocate budget towards them in order to deliver efficiencies and improve results.

The key campaign objective was to deliver cost efficient ROI by retargeting in-market consumers. Therefore, ads were set up to primarily serve product sets to previous website visitors who had either viewed or added to cart but not yet purchased.

Adaptly helped implementing the Facebook pixel on the client’s website, which made it possible to identify which users had browsed certain products. Product IDs were subsequently matched to the DPA catalogue, allowing the team to automatically populate each ad set with the desired information such as name, description, and price.


Over the two-month flight period, DPA activity drove an impressive number of tracked orders at an average ROI of 3.60x. Black Friday performed especially well with a ROI 1.47x higher than the November average. 37% of the entire month's revenue was delivered on this day alone. 

These results were driven by an uptick in click-to-conversion rates, which increased by 37 percentage points on Black Friday compared to the month’s average, and were delivered despite CPM being 84% higher on Black Friday than during the rest of November. The campaign continued to deliver efficient results throughout the entire Black Friday and Cyber Monday weekend, with an average ROI of 5.08x.

By analysing results in real-time and optimising budget towards top performing product sets, Adaptly further boosted campaign efficiencies and delivered learnings which helped the client adjust their other digital marketing activities. 

Currys PC World: Case Study - Drives Cost Efficiencies Using Facebook DPA

Project Clients: Currys PC World

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