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HipChips // Reinventing the Potato Crisp

Project Clients: hipchips

Credited with reinventing the potato crisp, HipChips is a new crisp and dips concept in London featuring heritage potatoes served conveyor-belt style with indulgent homemade dips.  Bringing back excitement to potatoes, HipChips have created an entirely novel concept focusing on a crisp based menu from seasonal local spuds.



HipChips isn’t your typical restaurant, so Propeller aimed to deliver an equally unique website that could showcase their specialty product and brand personality through a simple, easy to navigate user journey.



We delivered a new website for HipChips brimming with brand personality that replicates their playful dining experience, starting with a conveyor-belt animation on landing.

A custom ‘Flavour of the Month’ region has been integrated into our bespoke CMS platform to spotlight HipChips’ ever evolving product range, enabled with real-time product updates. As an unconventional take on presenting a menu, we created a custom Crisps & Dips page, breaking down a step-by-step guide to selecting your favourite specialty potato – and a revolving selection of dips to pair it with, again fully customisable and able to be updated live, harnessing Propeller’s CMS platform.


•    Hospitality CMS platform integration
•    Responsive design
•    Propeller eMarketing


•    34% increase in new sessions in first month
•    52% increase in visits from mobile users
•    206% increase in website user dwell time