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Phases of Mobile Application Development Process


We all know that a mobile application is a very important aspect of every business these days. Most of the organizations hire professionals to get their apps designed in a proper way. In case you want to know the process of app development then read on to know six stages revealed by the experts of Cryptograph Technologies:

Information Gathering

A good mobile application can be developed only when the developer has complete information about it. Therefore the first step towards designing an impactful app is to collect complete information. The developer must be clear that what exactly the client expect from the application.


The second phase is to use the gathered information in a productive manner. While formulating a plan the developer keeps in mind the design and layout according to which the mobile app would be made.


It is the third phase during which the practical work actually starts. It is during this stage when the developer begins to design the app. This is a crucial stage because the final result would depend upon the design formulated during this phase only.


In the development stage the mobile app starts taking the actual shape. The content and the graphics get synchronized and each element is placed at the appropriate location. By the end of this the application gets fully developed and is ready for the testing phase.

Testing and Delivery

Once the application is developed then it is tested by the developer. The complete functionality is checked properly and then it is sent for the client’s approval. After receiving the green signal from the client, the application goes live for the general public.


This phase is optional but important. The maintenance phase ensures that the application remains up-to-date. During this phase the developer makes the necessary changes to upgrade the app from time to time.