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Do It Day Legacy Leads to Creative Collaboration

Bold Content Video is proud to announce the release of yet another impactful video that has resulted from participation in The Drum’s Do-It Day 2017... Read more

10 Corporate Video Advantages You Can Only Enjoy With Animation

Effective communication is vital to every business, and an increasingly popular format is the corporate video. Advantages are myriad - brand... Read more

Make the Most Out of a Small Budget: Cost-Effective Video Production Techniques

One of the amazing things about modern filmmaking is how affordable it is becoming. In the past, only huge brands had the budget to make television... Read more

CALM Production Diary #3: Our Social Media Strategy

Bold Content recently collaborated with CALM and numerous other agencies to create a campaign aimed at de-stigmatising mental health. CALM stands for... Read more

How to Create a Video Marketing Strategy to Win 2018

The ultimate question for video marketers: how do I come up with a video strategy that will have maximum viewership and turnover for my company? Don’... Read more


Northern Quarter-based design and animation agency, Flow Creative, has developed a series of videos for distance learning provider, Open Study... Read more

IF team pass their social analytics exams with flying colours

Having sophisticated social analytical tools is a must if you’re serious about social. But having a tool and knowing how to squeeze the pips out of... Read more

Ueno Hires Producer Jessica Volodarsky

Digital agency Ueno has hired Jessica Volodarsky as producer, CEO Haraldur (Halli) Thorleifsson announced today. She will report to Senior Producer... Read more

Ueno Creates 3D Interview to Attract Talent to Agency

Digital agency Ueno has created an interactive, animated website that gives job candidates a feel for its quirky corporate culture. The Ueno 3D... Read more

How to be heard over the noise in content marketing

In the beginning, when online marketing was merely a twinkle in the eye of the internet, gaining online exposure for your brand was straightforward... Read more