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18 Mar 2018 - 17:25 |

How Boon Tech Is Using Blockchain To Revolutionize The Freelance Market

A freelancer or “freelance worker” is a term commonly applied to a person who is self-employed and not committed to a particular employer for the long term. Freelancers contribute a large number of their earnings to the global economy, and due to the shift in ideology concerning remote work, flexible scheduling, and the definition of what constitutes stability, the freelance industry is growing at a rapid pace.

One of the most comprehensive measures of the independent workforce in the US, Freelancing in America: 2017 estimates that 57.3 million Americans are freelancing. This number constitutes 36 percent of the US workforce. Additionally, it is approximated that nearly 50 percent of millennials are currently freelancing and that (generally speaking) freelance workforce growth has outpaced overall US workforce growth by 3x since 2014. In light of overwhelming global unemployment and the fact that the marketplace economy is dominated by a few corporations, the statistics should not come as a surprise.

With steady and accelerated growth in the freelance market, Boon Tech has emerged as the world’s first AI-powered job marketplace. Utilizing blockchain to revolutionize the freelance market, Boon Tech has found a way to conduct instant transactions devoid of policing by a centralized system.

In a 1.4 trillion job marketplace where millions of professionals are dominated by a few corporations while being charged exorbitant service fees for accessing and utilizing their centralized platforms, Boon Tech provides a faster, more efficient system where workers keep 100 percent of their earnings and are never charged a service fee. The system also provides opportunities for entrepreneurs to find the best and most talented professionals for the tasks at hand.


How does it work?

Boon Tech indicates on its site that, by utilizing their platform, users can “find a range of top talent, from programmers to designers, writers, customer support and more,” and delineates a deceptively simple system of what they actually do.

  • “Start by posting a job. Tell us about your project and the specific skills required.” Behind the scenes, you need to understand that Boon Tech Platform is free for all of its users. While others may be charging up to 20 percent in service fees, Boon Tech charges nothing. This means that the entire amount of a freelancer’s efforts on task will safely reach their hands.


  • Additionally, when you utilize the Boon Tech platform, you will not provide important personal details that may compromise safety and security. Instead, Boon Tech uses IBM Watson’s Visual Recognition to analyze and identify your identification, faces, and other pertinent content. These are important aspects of choosing Boon Tech over other platforms.


  • “ analyzes your needs...Our search functionality uses data science to highlight freelancers based on their sills, helping you find talent that’s a good match.” Unlike more conventional platforms, a 5-star rating is generally used to review and rate potential matches. Boon Tech, however, uses an Artificial Intelligence Quotient (AIQ) to rate its users, allowing for a larger scale of 1 to 100. This gives a broader, more specific scale for reviewing possible matches, and generating a system of better, more likely fit.


  • “We send you a shortlist of likely candidates.” Another behind-the-scenes plus for Boon Tech is that it removes language barriers between the freelancers and employers. Freelancers and employers who attempt to communicate in a more traditional way may find that confusion is created through dialectical and discourse differences.


  • Boon Tech provides a Live Language Translator in their platform, allowing both parties to communicate in their own language, which will be translated for the receiver at the other end. Now communication about the important aspects of an interview can be seamless, without needless worrying about verb conjugations, verb tense, or general colloquialisms that may detract from the receiver’s perception of the speaker.


  • “You can also search our site for talent, and freelancers can view your job and submit proposals, too.” Managing large chunks of information, developing peer-to-peer transactions, and decentralizing the system are hallmarks of blockchain technology. Boon Tech harnesses the power of blockchain to allow its users all of the benefits. While there are many platforms currently using blockchain and cryptocurrency, Boon Tech has addressed the volatility problems of crypto by developing a patent pending-technology on Hedging. Hedging eliminates volatility concerns and brings stability to the platform.

Freelancing is clearly the employment wave of the future, and Boon Tech is on its way to assisting those who wish to capitalize on it. If you are a business looking for that freelance talent, or you are freelancer looking for employment, Boon Tech is one platform that you should be sure to consider accessing and utilizing.

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