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3 Mar 2018 - 11:36 |

TOP 30 Augmented Reality Companies for 2018

Augmented reality has been around for some time now, but 2017 was the year when millions of consumers managed to experience it for the first time. While AR headsets are still ugly and bulky, they still manage to provide amazingly realistic digital experiences. Games like Pokemon Go and Stack AR are renewing the focus on augmented reality, and Snap is transforming that technology from phones to sunglasses. 2018 will see a continuation of that trend, with the following companies taking the lead:

1. NextVR

Based in California, USA, NextVR is a technology firm which has made a name for itself in the industry by capturing and delivering on-demand and live virtual reality experiences.

2. Magic Leap

This UK-based company is known for manufacturing proprietary wearable gadgets and devices that allow users to interact with the digital technology in a wholly cinematic manner.

3. AppReal-VR

AppReal-VR excels at AR and VR technology development. The company boasts of a highly talented pool of problem solvers, who use their skills to put leading technical solutions in the hands of their clients. AppReal-VR exploits the newest VR tech for the sake of their clients and uses decades of virtual reality industry experience to produce time-tested development strategies.

4. 8i

8i has made a name for itself, developing virtual reality software. The firm, based in Wellington, New Zealand, has earned a lot of industry acclaim for its life-like virtual reality humans.

5. Blippar

Based in London, UK, Blippar has earned plenty of recognition from the industry for the way it uses artificial intelligence and augmented reality to recognize images and serve as a visual browser.

6. Matterport

Situated in Sunnyvale, US, Matterport helps others with the creation of realistic and eye-catching 3D figures based on real-world objects that users can not only engage with but also share across the Internet.

7. Jaunt

Jaunt is responsible for developing various software, hardware, apps, and tools that provide a cinematic VR experience and allow the current crop of content creators to harness the power of virtual reality.

8. Survios

Survios is a company in California, US, made up of makers, thinkers, gamers, dreamers, and artists, who primarily aim to use immersive tech for creating engaging games and unparalleled presence for clients.

9. Daqri

Daqri is the biggest name in the world right now for augmented reality, leading the way into the future through the production of innovative software and hardware gadgets.

10. Leap Motion

This is a hardware and software firm based in San Francisco, US, that develops 3D motion control tech for VR and related platforms.

11. Usens

Usens has earned a lot of recognition in the VR industry, thanks to its inside-out position and hand tracking technology for virtual and augmented reality. The firm is located in San Jose, California, US.

12. Against Gravity

Against Gravity is a virtual and augmented reality company that manufactures software. The company has its headquarters in Seattle, United States.

13. Upskill

Located in Virginia, USA, Upskill is a company that produces wearable technology. The products help hands-on workers and staff stay connected at every level – from the factory to the warehouse to the actual site of their jobs.

14. Rooomy

Another company based in San Jose, California, roOomy offers highly impressive 3D technology that clients can use for virtual staging services in the real estate industry. The company also has a roOomy iPad app aimed at consumers.

15. Virtuix

Located in Austin, Texas, Virtuix is famous as the company that developed the Virtuix Omni, a VR platform that allows users to jump, run, and walk in 360 degrees.

16. Owlchemy Labs

Also based in Austin is Owlchemy Labs, which is a creative game studio that is known for its highly innovative and polished VR experiences and games.

17. Spaces

Headquartered in Santa Monica, USA, Spaces possesses the vision and potential to become the catalyst for other firms that seek to develop MxR and VR experiences.

18. Sphero

This company is famous for bridging the gap between the virtual world and the real world with its robots that can be controlled through smartphones. The company is located in Boulder, Colorado.

19. Mindmaze

This AR company provides a platform to create highly responsive user-machine interfaces, combining everything from neuroscience and brain imaging to computer graphics and VR. Mindmaze is located in Lausanne, Switzerland.

20. AltspaceVR

Situated in California, US, AltspaceVR has introduced two-dimensional online content in shared virtual spaces, and is currently extending the web for the development of completely holographic experiences.

21. Baobab Studios

This VR animation company has earned a name for itself by developing character and story-focused virtual reality cinematic experiences.

22. Avegant

The future of near-eye displays is the main area of focus of this California-based AR company.

23. Strivr Labs

Strivr Labs is known all over the world because of its innovative use of VR to provide training and increase efficiency. The company harnesses the power of immersive VR experiences to teach quickly and effectively.

24. High Fidelity

This California-based company is the manufacturer of one of the best open source software for shared virtual reality.

25. Wevr

Based in Venice, US, this is a virtual reality community that has produced an innovative VR media player for professional individuals and aspiring creatives.

26. Livelike

Livelike in New York is a VR platform company that permits sports teams and broadcasters to provide users with a realistic, live sports viewing experience.

27. Atheer

This company has pioneered the augmented interactive Reality (AiR) smart glasses platform, which not only improves productivity of Fortune 1000 clients but increases the safety levels of deskless professionals as well. The firm is situated in Mountain View, United States.

28. Visionary VR

A Los Angeles-based company, Visionary VR is a content development and technology firm, which created the Visionary focus, an innovative tool aimed at VR content creators. The tool makes use of the company’s proprietary system for VR attention management, storytelling, and information delivery.

29. The Virtual Reality Company

This content studio makes virtual reality experiences through an amazing mix of storytelling, technology, and art.

30. Incontext Solutions

This Chicago-based firm happens to be a world leader when it comes to web-based VR retail and shopping solutions.

So there you have it – the 30 AR companies that are expected to make waves in 2018. Each of these companies has made a name for itself in the industry, and they are pioneering new projects that are sure to bring AR into the global limelight this year.