How Addition Plus helped Shelter take cover from the ‘Beast from the East' - Addition+

2 Mar 2018 - 14:41 |

How Addition Plus helped Shelter take cover from the ‘Beast from the East'

Addition Plus work with the charity Shelter to capture online donations, from both one off and regular contributors.


In a recent campaign Addition Plus were able to make smart use of weather data to identify more relevant audiences to help Shelter’s campaign to protect vulnerable people from becoming homeless.


Very early on in the campaign, the data statisticians at Addition Plus saw interesting trends coming through from the digital donations.  They were able to dig down into the data and analyse those behavioural patterns.  The results showed that responses from weather-led content around ‘Beast from the East” and ‘Storm Emma”, when overlaid with certain day parts, were generating the most positive results.


Harnessing this audience data, and playing these insights forward in real time, allowed the traders to overlay instant changes to the bidding strategy – resulting in beneficial campaign outcomes.


Within nine days all the campaign statistics had improved positively and by the 10th day Addition Plus had optimised the campaign to a positive ROI position.



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