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14 Dec 2017 - 14:13 |

Is There a Link to Between Allergies and Vaccinations and What Can Be Done?

There is a concern happening now regarding how vaccines can be linked to allergies. And, many are quite skeptical about it, particularly the parents.

There is a growing evidence that shows that allergies are more prevalent today. In fact, according to the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America, as much as 40% of children in the US are dealing with different types of allergies.

This huge number can be a source of concern and it is believed to be continually increasing. You are probably aware that allergies can be life-threatening. That alone is alarming. In addition, having allergies can significantly interfere with an individual's day to day living.

Imagine having to watch your diet closely when you have allergies to certain foods or having to be extremely cautious when you are outdoors if you are allergic to insect stings. While technically allergies can be easily managed by avoiding the triggers, most of the time this is easier said than done.

Allergies - Why They are Believed to be Increasing

If you have a kid developing rashes after eating eggs, you probably will hear your old folks say, "Back in the day, I don't know of a kid allergic to eggs".

Interestingly, it is undeniable that many people today suffer from allergies. This has been attributed to the following factors:

Genetics or Hereditary Factor
Environmental Factor

Look around you, and you'll see how the surroundings have changed. Unfortunately, we are now more exposed to the dust and pollutants from the environment.

The Hygiene Effect

Most parents are now overly cautious with high standards for hygiene. Ironically, this results to the kids developing weak immune system making them susceptible to allergies.

The Farming Effect

Gone are the days where farms fill the land, years before kids grow up in farms where they are exposed to livestocks and farm life and are less prone to allergies.

The Rise of Vaccines

Though highly debated and more research needs to be done, some people believe that vaccines contribute to the development of allergies particularly among children.

The Link Between Vaccinations and Allergies

The link between vaccines and allergies is currently highly debated. Despite the fact that vaccines are administered among young children to ward off common bacterial and viral diseases, there are some advocates weary of the effects of these vaccines.

Some groups believe that vaccines contain allergen ingredients themselves that can trigger allergies. For instance, MMR or the Measles, Mumps and Rubella Virus vaccine and influenza vaccines contain egg proteins. In addition, vaccines undergo certain processes and preservation which are attributed to cause negative effects in the human body.


So, What Are Parents Expected to Do

Many experts suggest that vaccines should be avoided as much as possible or must be delayed among infants and young children. Still. the decision is largely up to the parents. As parents, they are expected to know what's best for their children. Hence, it is up to them to weigh the benefits and risks involved in deciding whether or not their child should be vaccinated.