How SparkleCOIN's Ecosphere Will Bring Order to The Blockchain World - Moderator

5 Dec 2017 - 07:57 |

How SparkleCOIN's Ecosphere Will Bring Order to The Blockchain World

The next generation of high impact companies will leverage blockchain technology in a meaningful way. SparkleCOIN, one of the more promising blockchain startups, recently announced the development of their highly Transactable cryptocurrency that aims to bring the overwhelmingly positive benefits, native to a decentralized and secured digital asset, broadly to the consumer population. 

Their coin overcomes many of Bitcoin’s (and other alternative currencies’) technical and architectural shortcomings that have put a limited ceiling on long-term adoption. 

The coin, however, is just one element of SparkleCoin. In fact, they bring with them, first to market, an ecosystem of auxiliary companies, branded as the “SparkleCOIN ecosphere, which houses a Payment Gateway, VCoin Exchange, and the VCoinMall.” These three components are designed to complement each other, supporting the wide-scale adoption and proliferation of their technology that can actually “be used to transact in the real world.”  

Payment Gateway

SparkleCoin’s payment gateway, baked into their VCoin Exchange, has an opportunity to be the Paypal of the blockchain generation. Currently, there are no easy or efficient ways for online retailers to accept cryptocurrency payments at scale. This is one of the biggest friction points for both consumers and enterprises who want to participate in the cryptocurrency economy. 

SparkleCoin’s seamless payment integration will allow stores to bypass any bulky e-commerce software and, in just a few clicks, begin accepting cryptocurrencies free of fees. There are no expensive accounts or cumbersome downloads. All you do is link the appropriate plug-in to your website and you can be open for business.

Over time, this has the potential to become the de facto payment processing solution for companies of all sizes, from all around the world. This aligns with their mission to help “drive more efficient, global economic growth and promote societal advancement by bringing cryptocurrencies into mainstream business and consumer markets.” 


One major flaw with the architecture of the crypto-community is that the power is centralized within a few of the most powerful exchanges. Most cryptocurrency projects never reach a level of true liquidity simply because they do not have the opportunity to interface with the biggest markets. And even those who do get the prime real estate, atop the lists of popular exchanges, are not allowed to cash out for fiat currency. 

The VCoin Exchange directly solves for these issues by providing an immediate transactional platform for SparkleCOIN to be swapped with Bitcoin, Ether, and USD. This restores liquidity in the cryptocurrency economy, as no one coin is subject to any limiting factors of the marketplace. 


VCoinMall is the consumer-facing extension of their payment gateway, which serves as the world’s first and only online marketplace where the public can easily and conveniently shop for essentials using cryptocurrency. The mall is home to a number of online partner retailers, including Amazon, Walmart, and Target. As this list expands, and more and more major incumbent stores join the processing network, consumers will finally be able to spend their assets how they please, all without unsecurely leaving the system. 

Though SparkleCoin is the default transaction currency for VCoinMall, customers can also pay with alternatives, like Bitcoin and Ether, through the automatically embedded trading system gateway, which will automatically transfer Bitcoins or Ether into SparkleCOIN, which will be used to complete the transaction. 

This is a massive benefit for both consumers and retailers. 

For consumers, it is but another extension of their freedom, as they can, using the Mall, exchange any type of digital asset for their good via a smooth and secure mechanism. 

And for enterprises, this solves for one of the biggest technical challenges involved with the volatile nature of most cryptocurrencies. When a customer makes a purchase for a product or service via an online payment gateway (with SparkleCOIN), the merchant actually gets paid the exact advertised price of the product, instantly. In other words, regardless of how much the value of SparkleCOIN changes, up or down, the merchant will always receive what they are asking for. 

This patent pending design provides the stability online merchants, of all sizes, have been waiting for before being able to interact with digital currencies. Overcoming these obstacles is a massive deal for the millions of online stores who are waiting, patiently, to integrate with crypto. 

As the opportunity for blockchain systems, like SparkleCOIN’s, become more and more mainstream, it will be interesting to see which startups are successful in building sustainable solutions whereas others crumble under the financial pressure.