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Awesome Hacks & Tricks for Fire Stick - Algernon Andrew

15 Nov 2017 - 18:41 |

Awesome Hacks & Tricks for Fire Stick

The Amazon Fire Stick is an awesome media and entertainment tool that makes streaming, sharing content, and enjoying them much more enjoyable. However, for all its functionalities, there are still a few hacks and tricks that can help you get the very best out of your Fire Stick. Look through below to see a few of them:

Control the Fire Stick with Your Voice

As at the time when that Fire Stick was launched, only Amazon Video and Music had access to voice control. However, there have been recent updates that have expanded the capability of this search tool to Netflix and iPlayer (although this feature still depends on whether your region is supported). There have also been reports that support for Spotify is around the corner. As soon as you begin searching with your voice, you’ll be amazed at how quick things will get with time. It’s a really nifty tool that can make your entertainment experience all the more fun.

Controlling the Fire Stick with Your Phone

Although it’s pretty cool for you to be able to control the Fire Stick with your voice, we also have to understand that the remote, being small, is pretty easy to lose (especially in annoying places like under the couch or between the seats). However, to help with all that, Amazon has released the official app for iPhones and Android-based smartphones. This app makes it possible for the user to control the Fire Stick with their smartphone. Also, apart from being free, the app also allows for voice control!

Protect Your Family with Parental Controls

Parental controls give you two areas where you can protect your family. The first area concerns your Amazon account itself. Here, not only can you ensure appropriate content, you can also make sure that nobody is able to download additional apps without your permission.

The second area is connected to making adjustments within the app. Or instance, Netflix lets you open separate accounts for yourself and your children where you can customize permissions based on their age.

Using the Kodi Media Centre

When you first launch your new Fire Stick, you’ll most probably find that the app library is a bit scanty. However, you can take advantage of certain workarounds that will give you access to every app available on the Android Play Store.

One of the most popular of these workarounds is the Kodi Media Center and one of the reasons why it is so famous is because it works perfectly with and installs perfectly on the Amazon Fire Stick. The best art is that when you install Kodi on your Fire Stick, you’re also able to install a wide array of other apps and add-ons within it in order to help t work more effectively.

Once you’ve learned how to setup Kodi, you’ll want to consider adding certain apps to your Fire Stickas you don’t really need to be restricted to the apps in the Amazon App Store. Side loading apps is quite easy and simple, and the Kodi Media Center helps with the process.

Plex Media

You don’t necessarily have to stream content that is only available on your Amazon Fire Stick. This is why you have Plex; another app within your Amazon App Store that is definitely worth giving a look.

However, in order to get Plex to work, you’ll have to install the Plex Media Server software on your computer. This software will conduct a search on your network for a specific content and once you’ve gotten a media file you want to share, use the Plex app on your Fire Stick to stream it on your large screen.

Stream Content Directly from Your Smartphone

The Amazon Fire Stick provides support for a streaming protocol known as Miracast. Basically, Miracast lets you turn your Fire Stick into a Chromecast or an Apple TV as regarding your screen sharing the content from your Android phone.

To begin with smartphone streaming, you’ll need to set it up. Do this by putting both your smartphone and Fire Stick on the same Wi-Fi network and click onDisplay Mirroring(which can be found in the Display and Sound section of Settings). To start mirroring your screen, all you need to do is click and hold down the home button. From there, choose a compatible device from the mirroring menu and you’re good to go.

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