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13 Oct 2017 - 07:43 |

America’s Simple Man, Doc Dalton

America’s Simple Man, Doc Dalton, Former Radio and Cable Television Host, Author, Poet and a Man Who Suffers from Major Depression is Creating the Simplicity Project Where Life can be Simple, Fun and Rewarding.

Q 1: You have done a number of interviews where you were funny, yet serious in what you had to say. Is humor a way that lets you cope and gets you through your days.

A 1: Yes, it is true that at times humor does assist me so to speak. It’s easier speaking about things in an offbeat way. Example, I have been asked to describe myself and I say, I could be the eccentric love child of Willie Nelson and Bob Dylan if they could have a child. I suffer from depression, so instead of saying at times, I feel out if it, I say things like that. In the long run, I get my message across in a different way, but I achieve what I am trying to do.

Q 2: The Simplicity Project is something that you have started and you are a big believer in simplicity, can you explain.

A 2: At times the world is an uncertain place to live. Our life is filled with countless events that take place in front of us and it doesn’t matter if we hear it on the news, read it in the newspaper, see it on social media or deal with it in front of our own eyes. It’s there, and we are going to be subjected to it. I call it the Simplicity Project because what I am trying to do is approach people in the simplest of ways and talk to them about life, business, faith or something that is flat out personal. I want to show them that no matter what, it can be and should be done in a simple way. But first you need to talk, understand. Believe and then take that step. 

Q 3: Are you saying people need to be heard more.

A 3: Yes, but also, they need to listen more as well. A perfect example is with depression, I don’t care what anyone says, if you don’t have it, you don’t know what it is like. You may think you do. You can feel bad for someone but don’t tell someone that you understand their problem or that they should do this or that to feel better because, it just won’t work. But these same people can go to a support group and sit down with people who have similar problems and discuss openly how they feel and what they do to get through their difficult times and if that is done in a group setting, those folks learn from each other and they learn different ways to cope. WHY? Because everyone at that support group is personally going through it and personally understands it.

Q 4: So, the Simplicity project is about talking, is that correct.

A 4: No, the Simplicity Project is about communicating. The Simplicity Project is about listening. The Simplicity Project is about understanding. The Simplicity Project is about being open-minded and the Simplicity Project is about Learning.  When you do all these things, your odds are much better in dealing with whatever situation comes your way. This should not only be done with depression, but should be done with life in general, faith, business and whatever else is important. Break it down to its simplest form possible and learn from it, work with it and help others as well. Remember, when you help others, you are helping yourself as well because just the feeling of doing something positive is a win/win for all.

Q 5: You say keeping it simple in life, faith and business. Can you give us an example of simplicity in business?

A 5: You hear people every day complaining about their job, they hate it, don’t want to be there, they don’t make enough of money and they work so hard and they are so tired both physically and mentally. WHY? If you understand all that, then you should understand it’s time for you to get the hell out of that situation and search for something else to do. You don’t only make yourself miserable, you make everyone around you miserable. At some point, the job you dislike will become the vehicle to make those around you not only dislike your job as well, but dislike you to boot.

If you don’t change your environment, it won’t change on its own. Make it a journey and go out and create a new path for yourself. Do something completely different and have fun. It’s a different world today and there are so many more opportunities especially in the world of online business. Mainline or online, there is so much out there that is new for you to do, the only thing you need to do is find it.

I set down with a piece of paper and wrote down exactly how I wanted it to be if I were to get involved with a company. I wanted everything from simplicity, to it not being time-consuming, it needed to be done in about 3 simple steps, had to be inexpensive, company needed to have a good reputation and to have been the operation for at least 10 years. They needed to be 100% debt free and in good standing with the BBB. I thought, if I could find something like that and they had 75% to 80% of what I was looking for, at that point, I should take my chances. The crazy part is, I found a company that has 100% of what I was looking for.

Remember, it’s not that you’re not working, it’s that you are just working in a different way, WHY? Because it’s a different world today. I always say, keep it simple and don’t listen to those who say it can’t be done because there is a great chance they haven’t done it themselves and they will be the same person complaining next year about how much they still hate their job.

Sometimes you just need to step up, step out and in some cases, step away and you might just find that a better life and a better way will give you a better mind and that helps with depression all on it’s on.

Q 6: You explained business, but what about faith.

A 6: More wars and more arguments have been started in the name of so-called religion. It’s crazy in what some people believe and in what some folks will say about their belief to win or make a point. It’s almost a type of game where my faith is better than yours.

Again, keeping it simple in faith is important to me, so here is my take on things.
First, did you ever think that some of these faith based religions write their own set of rules for some personal reasons. Do you think some use scare tactics to more or less keep their people in line, because let’s face it, religion is a giant business? If you’re not bringing in any money, like any other business you go broke?

In my world, Religion and Faith are two separate entities. Religion is manmade, Faith is the personal belief. I personally believe 100% in God, others may call my God by a different name but that is their way of believing, talking about it or having faith.

I believe when we die, our souls cross over and that goes for every believer. I believe there will be a better place and a better understanding of all that has taken place within our life time. I also believe that there will be a time to reflect and improve and I mean, improve ourselves as spiritual beings and our souls.

Wouldn’t life be so much simpler if we stopped naming our faiths like a sports team that we belong to and just become BELIEVERS. People who believe in a better way of living, acting, treating of people, improving the way we treat our planet and each other. Why can’t we all be on a conscious daily journey of just being better human beings in every way possible, the way True Believers should be. There’s an old saying, “Treat Others the Way You Would Want To Be Treated Yourself” Take it a step farther, Be Proud of One Another in Your Daily Accomplishments Just The Way You Would Want Others To Be proud of Your Accomplishments. This way, no matter what name you may use, you can still take comfort in knowing that your God is also proud of you and what you have done. This alone should make your journey to the other side a lot simpler. There you go, it all comes back to simplicity know matter how you look at it.

Q 7: You’re a former radio and cable tv host and along with that you now have a number of books being released starting at the end of 2017 and straight through 2018. Can you tell us more about that?

A 7: Almost every book will be in a Spiritual type format under the series name, “Watering the Soul.” The first book will be released by the end of this year and is called, “Old Dogs of the Whiskey Pie Trails.” It’s a combination of short stories and poems with each story being directly related to that poem. The second book is called, “Sometimes I’m Not OK” The book is all about depression, my depression and an understanding of someone’s life who is dealing with depression. This release will take place in early 2018. As of right now, there are 7 more books planned that will take us through 2018 into 2019.

Q 8: You have stated that poetry has saved your life. Why and how did you start writing poetry.

A 8: I was hospitalized a few times because of the depression and while there a doctor told me I should try my hand at poetry. I thought he was crazier than I was but, I was locked up and couldn’t leave so I said why not. To my surprise, it just started flowing and the other surprise was, everything I wrote had God in it someway. I hadn’t any idea where it all was coming from but it didn’t stop and years later it’s still happening.

Bottom-line poetry just relaxes me. It takes my mind on a type of vacation and my thoughts go to places otherwise they would never go to. When days are bad, poetry saves me and I am thankful for it.

Q 9: You have done radio and television are there any new projects on the horizon.

A 9: Yes, I am in pre-production for a new video series called, “SIMPLY DALTON.” It’s a 7 to 10-minute series that hits on a number of topics including depression. It is broken down into 3 short segments and we will also have the question and answer spot as well. 

I also will be doing some public speaking on different topics but trying my best to stay in the so-called lane of depression. I say it in my own way and sometimes it’s sad and sometimes it’s a bit funny but either way, the goal is to help people. Bottom-line, sometimes it feels good to laugh instead of crying.

Q 10: How could people learn more about America’s Simple Man, Doc Dalton

A 10: The best way is my website at: everything is there for people to see. You can also get to my Facebook page and my twitter page as well from the website. I hope people stop by and take a few moments to look around and send me a message. Everyone is always welcome.

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