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11 Oct 2017 - 09:22 |

Insight: How do clients approach choosing an agency partner?

We’ve shared advice on how you can help determine which client types work for your agency, using data to help you see which current clients really are your most profitable and learning what doesn’t work for your agency and therefore when you should walk away from a pitch.

Across our network, we’ve seen agencies thrive when they see in black and white, what their strengths are and which projects they're great at. When you know your sweet spot, what’s holding you back?

Well potentially, winning the work. There’s nothing more frustrating than not winning a client that you know would be great for your agency and vice versa. Clients know the agency world is competitive, they understand they’re in a privileged position. In this blog we look at the things clients look for when choosing an agency to help you make sure you stand out.

Be clear about what you do

You need to be clear and direct about what it is you do. At the risk of teaching our grandmother to suck eggs, it’s too easy to get stuck inside your own bubble and say you innovate, inspire or engage. But what does this actually mean to an outsider?

Equally, you may be using your website to showcase your digital prowess through beautiful navigation, unusual features or compelling copy, that’s great too but you do still need to tell your visitor what you do.

Most people who are actively looking for an agency will have a specific piece of work in mind. They’ll probably want to know if you do web development, apps, SEO, content marketing etc.

Make it immediately clear that you do what they’re looking for, preferably within their industry. Remember, that often the person putting an agency shortlist together is not the final decision-maker and they may be going off a tick list, you’ll want to make sure they can easily tick a lot of those boxes.

And if you don't do what they're looking for then you're unlikely to want the inquiry, right? It could be you’re deliberately keeping things a little vague, thinking you’ll get the inquiry and perhaps find a partner or freelancer to help.

Think carefully about how you’ll stand up in a pitch against someone who has all the expertise in-house, you could end up on a wild goose chase and as you know, pitching isn’t cheap. Plus if you do win the work, if it’s outside your wheelhouse are you confident it’ll be profitable?

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