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14 Sep 2017 - 20:13 |

What Is Link Building & Why Is It Important?

Link building refers to measures designed to generate backlinks. It serves to improve the popularity of the link, an important factor to have a presence in the search engine rankings.

What is Linkbuilding?

Linkbuilding is a concept that is part of the topic of Off-Page Optimization and describes the process of acquiring external links (also called Backlinks). The goal of linkbuilding is to intentionally increase the amount of quality backlinks that point to your own website. Linkbuilding can be done through conventional strategies or by more creative means.

Why are backlinks important?

Backlinks represent a reference to a website on another website [B]. Search engines interpret Backlinks as a recommendation. In this example, website recommends website. This recommendation is a significant signal to search engines in order to evaluate the relevance of a website on a specific topic.

The Link Building That Works: New Forms of Link Building

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The link building is definitely not what it used to be.With the famous algorithmic update known as Google Penguin many of the link building techniques that previously worked no longer do.

Now the premium quality over quantity and SEO professionals must update our strategies to continue positioning the content. But ... What works now?


Proposing Effective Link Building

First, note that any link building strategy is characterized by four parameters:

1. Number of new links

2. Quality of the new links

3. Speed of creation of new links

4. Diversity of the number of domains from which we receive links

Usually the perfect link building strategy would be the one that is able to get a good number of quality links in a fast way (except for new domains in which the speed would not be natural) from a large number of domains.

That said ... What really works now?

We anticipated at the beginning of the article , the quality premium over quantity . In this sense we must choose pioneering platforms in our sector, in our own language and that have not been penalized.

The guest blogging (or participating in external platforms with articles) every time works better. Of course you must choose websites that are of quality (language, subject matter and so on).Thanks to the guest blogging you will not only receive a new link but also, you will reach a new audience improving your diffusion.

The social link building has gained prominence with the latest updates from Google. The reason? Because day by day the number of users and the time that they dedicate to these means grows. In addition, these users give much value to the votes and comments posted by other people. How can we take advantage of social networks in SEO positioning?

Creating our own profiles in the main social networks from which we promote our content. Also, in some of these profiles (like Pinterest and Google Plus the link will be dofollow) . As your authority grows your profiles will have the greatest value.

F acciliting users who share our content including buttons of the main social networks in our entries, pages, product tabs and so on.

Building a community around our brand prone to sharing and linking our content.

Participating in groups and communities with professionals and profiles of our sector, likely to share our publications.

The naturalness of both domains and anchor text (or link text) is now key for our actions to work avoiding being penalized. Taking it to the extreme, it would not be natural for a page to receive 2000 links with the same anchor text from a single domain.

Therefore, you must diversify the link text as much as possible. Do not always use the keywords you want to position, use semantic variations, call to action of type "click here", the name of brand and so on.

And, finally, content is one of the most important sources of link attraction. Quality content, value, trend, fun or even controversial will be more likely to attract links naturally.

Link building techniques that no longer work

Most of the link building techniques that used to work before do not. Below, we list all the techniques you should not use and, if you use them, you should do so with reservations.

The article directories have lost their former effectiveness. Now only those who during all these years have followed some minimum criteria of quality, for example, to review the contents before publishing them censuring those sites of dubious morality (casinos, sexual and so on). Still, it will be preferable to guest blogging in a site where the theme is the same as the one on our website.

The tools that allow you to create thousands of links in a matter of hours. Remember, quality over quantity. ?

Blogs networks . Many pages, in order to gain authority, are allied with others by exchanging links in fixed areas of the page like the footer or the sidebar. In addition to this strategy is not natural (hundreds of links are created from a single domain pointing to a single page with anchor text identitigo) Google is increasingly able to detect these networks of blogs. ?

Buying links ... with nuances. At the moment there is no problem in terms of SEO in buying a link as long as it is of quality (press release etcetera). The problem arises when buying thousands of links of dubious quality. ?

The comment spam on blogs . There is absolutely nothing to write a comment on another platform adding value and linking to your site, the problem is created when thousands and thousands of spam comments are automated with identical texts. ?

Flee from link farms , they no longer work and can be very damaging.

In short, the link building continues to work, but must follow a carefully prepared and executed strategy always pursuing quality. So knowing the main techniques of search engine marketing will help you optimize your results.

How to do link building

The construction of links is one of the basic tools of seo, to make other pages consider our content interesting enough to link it, or at least share it, makes search engines like Google take into consideration our website when ordering their searches . If you do not know how to do link building effectively then we explain the most common techniques to get it.

How to make link building for seo

One technique that began to be used with great assiduity was to register in directories. Directories can be general or specific information sites, address files where you can find information and addresses by subject. The directory introduces the most relevant links, however since 2013 Google does not take into account the links that come from directories, so this technique is useless for seo in this search engine.

Article directories: Instead of links these directories store articles, these contain links to pages. When arriving articles, ie content, this technique does benefit seo, although it is not very common.

Link Baiting: It is undoubtedly one of the link building techniques most taken into account and valued by search engines. What it is all about is to earn references spontaneously, so it is only possible to generate link building if the content is really interesting for users. The baiting link feeds on viral content that really has repercussion on the internet.

The exchange of links was one of the first seo techniques that were used and over time has not lost prominence. It is as easy and efficient as pacing a series of links between two or more sites with similar themes, so a user can browse different sites while the websites themselves have prepared the links. What it is about is gaining notoriety through collaboration.

The purchase of links is similar to the previous one, nevertheless there is an economic compensation of means. Among the techniques related to making link building the purchase of links is penalized by Google, so it is true that helps seo, but can be harmful if the searcher perceives that the links have been purchased.

Forums and social networks have become the great loudspeakers of content on the internet. Getting links in this type of social platforms is not difficult, just generate content good enough to be shared.

These are the most common techniques on how to do link building , a series of recommendations that can help you improve your SEO, however building links is more effective if developed through an agency that provides a strategy in accordance with your seo.

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