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13 Sep 2017 - 10:30 |

Could your agency benefit from remote working?

YouGov UK recently stated that 30% of UK office workers are more productive when working remotely.

They positioned this as a positive statistic to suggest we shouldn’t fear those workers that we can’t keep a beady eye on. But I can’t help but question what about everyone else? It’s something to seriously consider, especially when the same survey disclosed that 54% of employees have the opportunity to work from home. What are the other 24% up to?

To me, this suggests that companies want to offer remote working but in practice aren’t quite getting it right. Which is a shame because there are a number of prolific benefits to letting your core team, not just your freelancers, work outside the office occasionally, including:

  • Flexibility - helping make it work for your employees will ultimately help you retain your best people.
  • It’s cheaper to have employees out the office – especially those who drink all the coffee
  • People won’t drag themselves in and share their germs when ill but they may still hit that deadline.
  • You’re not geographically limited when recruiting.
  • If someone wants to work remotely, and you can make it work, wonderful.

In some respects the agency world should have a head start on remote working as using remote freelancers is something agencies have done since the dawn of time. In this post, we offer advice on making remote working, work. Helping you harness what is no doubt already in place or should come naturally to your team, so you can really reap the benefits.




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