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11 Aug 2017 - 07:56 |

Google’s upcoming planning to dominate IT sector

Google, the giant of IT industry is occupying a major share in online market and it is continuously expanding. It is an American multinational technology that is dominating on the IT sectors. It provides additional and more convenient features on different platforms. Google is building its roots in Smartphone and PC’s too by providing all the basic features and updates. Now you can access excel sheets on Google drive which eliminates the need for MS word. Thus, it is building a control over Microsoft word by providing these features. Google is a vast network that can provide you the best and genuine features and support for your needs. There are some of the advancements that have been made for enhancing the features of these applications:

The latest update for Google drive:

Google had made some changes in this drive that makes the product more pleasing for the businessmen. “Team Drive” is the latest feature which allows the employees to put their files in a shared cloud. It allows every member to have access to the folder and in managing the files. This is one of the best features that allow multiple users that allow sharing the same platform. You can’t have such a good feature in any other application which can provide you the best and convenient way for performing these functions.

There is advancement in the “Vault” feature making it easier for the employees to handle and export Google drives data. It has also taken possession of AppBridge Company which was helping other companies to shift to Google cloud from Sharepoint. Now Google delivers these consulting services directly without the help of any intermediate. The most interesting feature is “Drive File Stream” which is mainly built by focusing business needs. This feature is quite similar to Dropbox’s ‘Smart Sync’ feature. Google is challenging every company by providing the latest feature which can easily fulfill anyone’s needs. It basically helps you to provide the relevant files by working intelligently and provide the rest on demand.

“Quick Access” is another consumer feature which was previously available only on Android Smartphone. Here, Google applies some predictions and shows you files that you have been looking for when you open the drive. After this, it presents you the results on the screen before you search for it. This feature makes it very convenient to access the files quickly without any additional efforts. Today, Google allows you to store 15 GB of free data on Google Drive and after this, also you can buy additional 100 GB space for just $1.99/month.

Latest updates in Google Maps:

Google is taking over all the applications in all the areas whether it’s a mobile based or for PCs. Google Maps are available in both operating systems i.e. iOs and Android. Previously, people were using “Maps” in their Apple iPhones, the need for which was replaced by the Google Maps. It allows you to access a user-friendly interface and search for your destinations more easily. It makes navigating your world easier and faster. This application is also providing you offline navigation even when your mobile data is off. Google Maps is a huge success in the field of Global Positioning System. Most of the people are using this app to navigate through different locations. It acts as a guide and makes your travel easier by providing you the shortest path to your destination.

Now you can add places to your timeline by checking in to different places you’re at from the place detail page. This can save you typing time and you need not enter the route information again and again. Suppose, you are going to your new office from your home and using Google Maps you need to enter the destination point. But you can save this route which allows you to use the same route without entering any detail. Google Maps is about to get way more accurate which will allow you to navigate through places very smoothly.

Latest updates in Google Chrome:

Google Chrome is one of the best platforms that allow you to surf the web and download files with much ease. There is a recent update in Google Chrome. After viewing the desktop version of a website, you can now switch back to the mobile version by tapping the ‘Request Mobile Site’ button. This is a very good improvement because now you do not need to make changes in the whole URL. It provides you faster browsing than Safari and other web browsers. Thus, it is completely dominating over all other basic search engines by providing outstanding functionality.

You need not use different areas of the search engine for navigation and you can get your request completed from one single search bar. Now you can arrange the window tabs in whatever way you want by simply clicking and dragging them. Data synchronization and privacy management are also available for the update. Google – the official search app, is always working to make the app faster and more stable. You can search anything by saying ‘OK Google’ and then ask a question.

Updates in Daydream VR:

Daydream is the latest update by Google which is working on bringing VR to mobile devices. It is a robust version that is based on providing superior quality experiences to Android Nougat users. Currently, Google is working with different partners such as HTC, Lenovo, and HTC to develop special Daydream headsets that will work independently of phones and PCs. It is all about bringing the best and coolest VR experience to you. They are working with HTC VIVE, the leader in VR and Lenovo, the leader in computing innovation to provide you the best of it. You can now have access to “WorldSense” feature that can recognize your movement in space without the need of setting up the external sensors. Everything you need to use is built up in the headset which makes it very handy to use. This technology will completely change the concept of viewing virtual world.