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28 Jul 2017 - 12:09 |

Search Remains Stalwart As UK Digital Ad Budgets Rise

The Institute Practitioners in Advertising’s (IPA) latest Bellwether report has revealed that digital marketing budgets in the UK have increased at their highest rate since 2007.

The second quarter report showed that 32% of those surveyed reported an increase in their internet marketing budgets with search remaining the go-to solution as marketers look to get the most value from their investment.

This increase in digital marketing spend comes at a time where economic uncertainty, due to the prospect of Brexit and the outcome of the recent General Election, has meant marketers are having to make do with tighter budgets. Consequently, getting more bang for your buck has become vital which has led to spending being focused on digital.

As reported in The Drum, IPA director general Paul Bainsfair, said: “The election result has thrown further uncertainty into an already volatile environment. It is inevitable that this has had a knock-on effect on UK. Specifically, for marketers this has meant a desire, where possible, to seek out more activation driven advertising. As evidenced strongly in this latest Bellwether Report, this has resulted in a further move towards advertising in the digital space.”

Search offers immediacy unlike other traditional avenues and provides a much more discernible ROI. With search providing dependable results, it makes sense that marketers are focusing their energy here in such tumultuous times.

Mel Burgess, Digital Marketing Manager at Run2, commented: “It’s no surprise that with shrinking budgets more focus is being put on paid search as results are much more measurable than traditional offline methods.”

With companies under pressure to deliver on earning projections, CEOs are looking for investments that can help them achieve this, going so far as to shy away from other expenditures that could provide more long-term brand exposure but could mean missing quarterly targets.

The truth remains that consumers are spending more of their time online, including on mobile, which has meant that internet budgets have continued to expand.

Jo Gardner, Digital Marketing Manager at Run2, summarised: “We do recommend supporting paid search with a long-term organic strategy to deliver a more credible search presence.”


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