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20 Jul 2017 - 22:20 |

10 Social Media Power Players Brands should pay attention to in 2017

As of June 2017, Facebook surpassed 2 Billion Monthly Active Users.  The social network juggernaut is now the largest in terms of MAU, well on YouTube with 1.5 billion.  Additionally, Facebook’s WhatsApp and Messenger apps each have 1.2 billion MAU and Instagram now checks in with over 700 million.

It isn’t news that social media now plays a critical role in marketing most any business because that’s where your customers are.  However, with the potential for brand exposure that social media provides comes plenty of competition for attention.  40% of people say they’ve purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer.  Leveraging the power of social influence is one of the most effective ways for any brand to cut through the noise. 

Below is a list of leading social marketing power players that understand how to “cut through the noise” to build influence, manage and analyze social interactions, and literally make product offerings go viral…


Aidan J. Cole

Aidan J. Cole is an 18-year-old entrepreneur based out of the Silicon Valley.  He finished a condensed four-year high school track in two years while working with some of the most influential users/pages on the internet reaching over 300 million followers.  Aidan has since built social influence for entertainers such as Flo Rida and charities such as, among others. 

He recently shifted focus from providing marketing services as an agency (Presson MGMT., formerly Prosper Social Media) to providing analytics and publishing tools to enable social influencers, brands, and agencies at scale.  Aidan is now a co-founder of,, a social media management solution that combines features found in many leading solutions into one low-cost service.


Daniel Snow

Daniel Snow is a 23-year-old CEO and Founder of a New Jersey based eCommerce marketing agency, Social Cadre.  He started Social Cadre after building his first 8 figure revenue company, Caffeine Digital, while still in college. In a mere 9 months, Social Cadre has generated over 8 figures in revenue and over 1,418,000 followers on Instagram. 

They tap their growing influence to guide attention towards their eCommerce stores, notably @GOATcase, @ThePerfectSculpt, and @TwiddleStuff.  Daniel also owns and operates accounts with over 18 million followers on Twitter and Instagram, which he also leverages to generate brand reach for his business efforts and clients. 


Goubran Bahou

Guobran Bahou famously knows as Goubtube was the most viewed, shared and featured viral video maker in 2016; amassing over 1.3 billion views on Facebook.  Engaging 75 million people a month with over 1.2 million in his Facebook community since April 2016 alone, and over 60k subscribers on YouTube, 35k on Snapchat and 59k on Instagram, Goubran has built an incredible brand.  With a fast-paced, attention grabbing format of 1-minute videos, Goubtube encapsulates the humour of everyday life that audiences across the globe relate to like this creative video that has received over 102 million views.


Bart Baker

Bart Baker is the “King of Music Video Parodies” with over 9 million subscribers and almost 3 billion views on YouTube.  He is currently in the top 1 percent of all YouTube channels worldwide racking up over 2 million views daily on peak days.  However, his influence isn’t just on YouTube. 

Bart has 1.4M followers on Twitter, 1M followers on Instagram and almost 1.2M likes on Facebook.  He is a one-man mastermind; writing, directing, singing, acting in, and editing comedic parodies of top-trending music videos.  His talents do not stop at Parodies, however.  From starring in movies to creating original music, Bart has set the stage for a bright future in the entertainment industry.


Jonathan Gaurano

Jonathan Gaurano is a creative growth content strategist and writer for online brands.  The brands and projects he’s worked on have reached over 500 million video views and acquired over 20 million subscribed fans.  This includes building a brand’s YouTube channel, their Facebook page, and their email marketing funnels among other services. 

Many of these projects have made a splash on CNN, DailyMail, Gawker, TMZ, Ryan Seacrest, and more.  He’s built and continues to manage pages such as OwnagePranks, KarenX, VitalyzDTV and Kristen Hanby and recently wrote a book on creating viral content called, “GrowthHackBible”.


Sam Ratumaitavuki

Sam Ratumaitavuki and his team grew their Facebook fan base from 50k likes to 13.6m in under 3 years.  Along the way, they co-founded Fortafy Games creator of "Color Switch,” which has become one of the most successful “casual” mobile games in history with over 170 million downloads, and holds the record for consecutive days at number 1 on the U.S. mobile app charts.  Sam is also the co-founder of another mobile game company, Perfect Tap Games, which released another global number one game, "Chicken Scream" that has generated over 13 million downloads.


Ryan Duranso

Ryan Duranso started building influence on Twitter in 2013.  By 2015 he had amassed over 13 million followers.  He and co-founders then launched Ivory Ella, a charitable women's lifestyle brand.  They built a pre-launch following of 150k followers on an Elephant themed twitter account @ElephantVibes, and accumulated over 30k emails. 

On launch day, they sold over 500 shirts in 17 minutes.  The following day, Ivory Ella was trending over the American country music awards on Twitter.  Within 8 months revenue rocketed to over 8 figures and Ivory Ella donated over $1.2 million to save elephants as well as other charitable organizations.


Eliot Robinson

Eliot Robinson currently runs social growth and strategy for serial entrepreneur and investor Gary Vaynerchuk.  Eliot collectively has over 5 million sports oriented followers on Instagram. His social journey began in High School after realizing the chances of him making the NBA were slim, so he set out on another path to building influence on Instagram. 

He owns and manages accounts including: @Dunk and @TheHoopFilms, among others that are followed by globally known athletes and celebrities such as Lebron James, Shaquille O’Neal, P Diddy and much more.


Troy Osinoff

Troy Osinoff is the creator of multiple successful and highly publicized projects driven by his power on social media. (acquired) and, a hub for centralized viral content, were featured in every top media outlet from Dr. Phil to Fox News to Mashable.

He turned a Tumblr blog into a book, published by Penguin and sold TV rights to FOX for development.  He also developed a Pokemon dating app that generated over 100k users and was featured in Wired, Engadget, UsMagazine among others. Troy is currently the head of customer acquisition for BuzzFeed, a content hub generating 7 Billion content views per month.


Joel Contarase

Joel is a leader in fitness marketing on social media. He has managed over 26 fitness oriented social media accounts totaling 33 Million followers. Joel has leveraged his Fitness influence to work with some of the leading fitness brands including, Women’s Best, Fit Tea, Hit Max and Shredz, where he generated over $65 Million dollars in revenue via social media channels and e-commerce marketplaces over the course of four years. He also helped them amass a unique social media following of over 100 Million followers globally with over 10 Billion Impressions every 90 days.

The social marketing landscape is evolving so quickly that it’s difficult for marketing professionals to keep up.  In many cases, the influences listed above have more brand reach than major media companies and growing.  More importantly, they know how to build and maintain audience loyalty and engagement. They are leaders within the evolving pop culture that is social media marketing.  Brands would do well by paying attention to these industry leaders and how they do it.