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7 Jul 2017 - 09:44 |

In or Out? The pros & cons of outsourcing

Having been in the creative communications industry for many years, Something Big Co-Founder, Sally Pritchett, has seen the switch flick between building up in-house marketing teams, back to reducing internal headcount and outsourcing to agencies many times.

On a mission to break this cycle of doom, Sally wants brands and agencies to work together as blended teams of in-house and outsourced resource collaborating as one. With outsourced support nurturing in-house teams, they can be responsive to urgent needs within the organisation whilst also having the ability to lean on external skills and capacity.

In our white paper, In or Out? The pros & cons of outsourcing, Sally takes a balanced view of both the benefits and the challenges of outsourcing, and provides some useful tips to make working in blended teams successful.

Read the white paper here.


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