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30 May 2017 - 11:27 |

Using data to create amazing digital experiences

Here at Distinction, we use a data first approach to create great user experiences (UX) for our clients. When presenting Distinction, we take our users on a journey to help them understand what makes us unique. So when we first unveiled our new design in June 2016, we decided to use our website to showcase the results we bring for our clients. But we're always looking to improve so we can create great user experiences, which has led us to some amazing results and feedback. This new iteration of our site design is the result of how our users perceive and navigate our site.

Clean UX

Having collected and analysed our user data we decided to make the elements that really matter stand out. To do this we implemented a cleaner, brighter design. For example, our previous case study and thoughts teaser images made use of a dark filter so that the white lettering layered on top would show up. This meant that the site became dark and enclosed. Changing the background to white and making the text black in certain locations has allowed the site and its contents to really stand out.

Our case studies also stand out much more now. Where previously there were background images with a dark filter and a logo. We found that users weren't sure which case studies were relevant to them or even that they were clickable links. The new iteration draws attention to the results we brought those clients.

Improving accessibility

Though our site was accessible before the changes, we are always looking to improve. It transpired that one of our fonts, Share Tech Mono, wasn't as legible as our other fonts. We decided to change that font to Oswald Light, which is fairly similar, and works well with our other fonts, but is more legible, meaning it;s now easier for users to visually process and read.

Watch this space

Using data to improve accessibility as well as user experience, means that we're continually tailoring our site for our users. We're really happy with this update, but this current iteration will keep evolving based on data and to hit our KPIs and create a better product for our users and for us.

Take a look over at the Distinction website.


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