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21 Apr 2017 - 16:49 |

A partnership to be proud of...

We’re delighted to announce that we’ll be partnering with Natwest to launch a series of seminars full of invaluable advice on how small businesses can prepare for future growth.

Here at ifour we love partnerships. As a business we’re always looking to do more for our clients to help their businesses grow (we’re nice like that). But whilst we’re pretty good at what we do, we’re not a ‘fountain of all knowledge’ and neither do we want to be.

We’ve developed our strengths in digital, branding strategy and marketing and that’s where we want to focus. However, we’re always taking a rain check to see what else our customers need and, if we can’t step in and help we want to find someone who can.

Hence the start of our relationship with Natwest. The event is really focused on helping new and start up organisations to get off the ground, so we’re also pulling in a bit of help from Business East Sussex and the Department for International Trade.

Small is Beautiful

Did you know that there are now more small businesses in the UK than ever before? 5.5 million to be precise, which is up by 97,000 or 2% since 2015 according to UK government reports. Of those 5.5 million roughly 5.3 million employ nine or less employees, so it seems that small is indeed beautiful.

Starting your own business is hugely exciting and incredibly daunting all at the same time. To say there are a lot of things to think about is an understatement. Ten years ago we were in the throes of bringing our vision to life, whilst navigating the sea of regulations, compliance, tax and endless paperwork.

It was hugely helpful to have sound advice along the way. It’s been proven that businesses that seek expert advice are 20% more likely to achieve success, so it’s well worth investing a bit of time in building those nice strong foundations.

Build your Network

Our event will be a great opportunity for established organisations to have a recap on where they are at with regards to branding and marketing to ensure they are doing all they can to reach their audiences and grow their business!

Natwest will be sharing their financial and business planning expertise, Business East Sussex will be on hand to offer advice on local business support and Department for International Trade are there to help companies looking to trade further afield.

In an age when markets are moving so rapidly, businesses need all the support they can get. Remember, you don’t get anything if you don’t ask – so it’s worth making connections with a few experts. Even if you don’t need their support right now, but you may well in the future. Remember, you can never have to many friends!


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