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2 Nov 2015 - 17:00 |

Bohan Billboard Promotes Its Culture

Bohan Advertising in Nashville, TN believes so much in advertising, it created an ad for the agency to celebrate its people and its award-winning culture. For one week, a digital billboard in the hot Gulch Nashville neighborhood where the agency is based, cyles through 100 different words, phrases and images that refelect interesting facts about the agency. The bright yellow headlines include "Tapped Kegs,"  "Water Gun Fights," and $1K for Quitters." The ads all link to a website where visitors scroll over each headline to reveal more information.

In discussing what makes the Bohan Culture so vital, agency founder David Bohan said, "Culture is not about amenities or events. It’s really about the ways you as an organization collectively believe and go about the work that you do.Culture gets the mantle of really nice parties – or more recently in the tech sector with things like unlimited maternity leave. I think those things are [an] improvement. But the foundation of culture is a shared belief system."

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